Better defensive option?


Melandor, Marjana, Boril, Tibutus, Chao
Caedmon, Marjana, Boril, Rigard, Chao
Ty for your input


Second team
20 characters


What do u mean 20 characters? And ty


Caedmon, boril, marjana, rigard, chao


Why marjana in center?


Cause if the post is less than 20 characters you can’t post

Also {defense + health} stats of Melendor (1586) and Tiburtus (1678) are very inferior to Caedmon (1765) and Rigard (1839) AND Caedmon does the job of Melendor.

Only difference is your attack is a bit weaker but that is completely outweighed by the above.


maybe @mahmut was just listing them in no particular order

But yeah, if Marjana is in the middle I’d take that every day of the week because I stack Kiril Sonya and Grimm.


No this should be the correct order. If Marjana is maxed she should be tank.

It’s not about who has more hp or def in this case. It’s about who has more firepower. Marjana can punish a bad board but the rest of the heroes can’t.


Understand your reasoning, but have to disagree on Tibs vs Rigard. We might assume that either would fire their special once. Given the fact that the AI is not I, you cannot be sure Rigard dispells at the right time if(!) the attacker has inflicted a status ailment. Tibs makes up for his smaller attack stat with a very nice special that hits and throws a defense debuff. Mel goes back on as healer.

I see a slight gain.


Rigard cleanse is not put into consideration in this case. It’s his heal that prolongs the life of others. Cleanse is just bonus. Tibs is just not great for defense. At least Rigard has higher stamina.


I am always prone to siding with the defense debuff. Just me.


I get what you are saying @Bud but I agree with @AirHawk, Rigard lasts longer - Tiburtus has a glass jaw


OP can try both. It is a close call as I see it.


Sorry my english is Bad. But it was the Wright Order. Marjana as tank and flanked by boril and rigard.

But you can also do caedmon, rigard, marjana, boril, Chao if you want :wink:


For me:
Rigard Caedmon Mariana Boril Chao.
Chao and Caedmon can be exchanged…
so Rigard heals, Caedmon debuff all enemies, allowing Mariana Boril and Chao to hurt.


Any combination that leaves Marjana flanked by both Caedmon and Boril leaves you open to color stacking.


I would go: Rigard/Boril/Marjana\Tiburtus\Melendor that way you get the Reflect (Buff), the enemy debuff from Melendor and the clear stays ailments from Rigard, plus double healing. On top of that with Tiburtus lowering defenses your team will all hit decently strong with Marjana and Melendor’s high attack damage. Rigard, Boril and Tiburtus don’t have horrible attack ratings themselves either.


Not enough fast hitters. You only have tibs and marjana. Giving the opponent too many chances to recover.


What about


The AI is always from Left to right. So you should put your dispeller (caedmon) left and not right.
Caedmon, magni, marjana, boril, rigard.