Beta testing

Hi … how can I become Beta tester ?

This is the latest post where you can find the beta’s application request:


Get into active player lounge

Once you’re in. You’ll be able to apply for Beta.


Will this link become live again once recruting starts ?

Thanks … sounds good … I’ll do my best .

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They would do a copy/paste topic inthe same forum section when they would need more testers, I think.

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More testers have been added without the renewal of the “everyone can apply” public forum thread. I haven’t seen anyone get in without getting into active player lounge first in a long time. Probably since last september actually. And those applicants applied in December of 2017.

Well the best I can do is try … Thanks for your help anyway .



Is there a way to get notified when the beta applications become active?

How do we know when they come up?

As a tester I am extremely discrete and professional and would love to join this team.


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