Beta Testing Fail

You guys need to look into what’s going on with beta testing. It’s obviously not working. Oops OP nerf. Oops nerf is too much buff. Over and over and over again. I have never played a game that has done this repeatedly before. Are you in a hurry to make money do you release heros not properly tested? I mean. How does this happen so frequently? I get once twice threee times oops we messed up, but this is wayyyyy beyond that.

Think of it with gaming consoles and mobile devices. There’re months and years of anticipation, but when they’re released, first set with bugs and glitches. How is that possible? One would think. I’m sure they had enough testers making sure something like this doesn’t happen but the truth is the real testers are the first consumers of the specific devices. We’re the ones that are supposed to truly deal with and report these bugs and glitches, and it’s the same thing in the game.

Beta testers just seem to be the first people that get a sneak peek of what’s to come but they’ll release it and the real testers are the first consumers that spend the gems and get these Heroes. Those consumers are the ones that report the bugs and issues, so whenever they do a balance update they can fix it.

They’re not thinking whether the hero is strong or balanced. They’re thinking how many people are going to spend to get this hero before they Nerf it later once they’ve collected their money.

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