Beta testers- applications reopening soon?

No, you don’t. If that would be the case then i would not be a beta tester.
By the time i got beta access i had not spent much and also wasn’t with 7DD yet.


Double wrong - I’m into this game almost a year with only a tiny amount of money invested. They want people who will give good feedback, which, incidentally, the best most constructive feedback seems to come with those who are most invested in real dollars and time.


Emphasis mine. There is no new information yet. When there is, it will be posted in the thread linked above.

To my knowledge, you do not have to be a top spender or top player to be selected (I’m not, and they took me.) :wink:

Good luck!


in game 27/08/2017
best position 6° world
euro in game +/- 5000

beta tester application never presented because little participant in the forum
i have real life :slight_smile:

i have a cpl of people and myself who would love to partake in beta testing. plz let us know when new testers are being considered


I would be lucky to get choosen. I’m very courious :slight_smile:
Wasnt open for long time…

I find myself wondering how you guys do it get to play some of these awesome heroes already maxed then go back to your normal account and not have the use of them either hoping like everyone else you pull them or pissed you missed out i want tarlak but never used him but i would be even more pissed after using him and keep missing

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It’s easy, so many are niche/specialized. When one comes out who is so amazing that you just have to have them because they are also versatile, then it stings a little.

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For me, I hope like crazy I will get x hero(s), then curse the Game Gods when I do not. Lather, rinse, repeat.

This time, I’m hoping for Cheshire Cat (naturally!) :grin:

Nice i’m so bad with pulls I’ve just decided that my seasonal 3* get my excitement yay vlad wabbit and rudy

Perhaps some testers who won’t practice challenge events just to get a leg up on competing…

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In beta, scores were not shown. Hence you really couldnt test strategies.


Rook, did you ever get the Cat? I haven’t been playing long, but pulled him in Wonderland when it was offered this past Spring. I really like playing with him. He’s not a staple, but a fun hero anyway.

Yes! I was buried in purples at the time but I’m leveling him at last! :grin:

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Sweet! I’ve really enjoyed his special. I think some people don’t grasp how will his special can work in your favor. Everyone gets so into setting the perfect lineup and proper order, but when the Cat’s special goes off, all that time and effort in setup goes right out the window!

And now I suddenly realize we’ve veered waaay off topic. Bad cat! :grin:


He Rook,
I am interested in being a Beta Tester. What is required?

This was the last thread on the topic:

I would regularly check the News section for a new topic, especially since they seem to fill and close within a few days. :wink::+1: