Beta tester


Sorry if i posted this in the wrong section.
But how can i become a beta tester?


They announce it here at forum…

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Thanks for the reply

No prob :slight_smile:

@Lilly010, l suggest that you be active in a positive way in game chat rooms and here in the forum. This will give you name recognition.
Apply as often as you can.
It worked for me.
Best of luck.

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Thanks, i will try :slight_smile:

Tried to find a more updated post but couldn’t so forgive if this should be elsewhere.

I would love to be involved in beta testing of this game and upcoming features.

If you need more info about myself then please send me link that leads to staff contact for that info.

I judge things fairly offering true facts as I see them judging no particular player type or development/developers personally in any way shape or form.

I am a mature adult over 50 with both my kids also players.

Please let me know.


I think most here are waiting for the new applications to be open, there is no special way to go about it when/if they open again everyone will have a chance to apply

I would love to be a beta tester too but since January no News that they are looking for new Players testing beta :frowning:

Closed community… They are much less than before but not taking new ones.

Hi everyone,
I would like become a beta tester, and i Want any informations for that.
Can you help me ?

From what has been fed back, being a beta tester is a waste of time as they don’t listen to the feedback of the testers…hero academy is a good example of that…I recall someone saying 7 days to retrain a legendary was excessive…and they kept it even though most of the testers said it was a bad idea…yet here it is today. IMO, beta testing is not worth it.

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