Beta Tester Applicant Personal Requests for Updates [Staff response in Post 15] -- As of Dec 2020, Beta Applications CLOSED

Do not hope anymore. the reply given by the staff.

Personel said all beta users applied. Sorry about this.

I dont hope anymore, and i dont get reply too

I find this very rude that they didn’t send template mails even saying “thanks for application but not this time”.
This couldn’t be possibly that troublesome, could it…

I am still hopeful … maybe I was chosen
A player was selected 4 months after application.
So never lose hope!

I apply twice just in case :smile:

I also hope he will be elected

I look forward to hearing from you :innocent: :grinning:

I would like to know as well

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Applying for Beta Program form was closed 26 days ago:

You can apply next time, when Small Giants open up the application.


Where i find to apply??send me [email removed by moderator] i wanna apply

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So basically they give chance only to high tier player… This game is meant only for old players🤷‍♂️

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No. I’m a beta tester but I’m not a high tier player. I joined beta last year and they selected me after 6 month of wait. I applied for beta in 2019 November. I’m playing this game for 2 years.


On what basis they do selection any idea? Coz i applied but dont know when they will accept… May be this game is so biased🙄 they dont allowed indian players to access global chat option also very sad

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I applied twice. A year ago and last year(December) as well. Im still hoping to hear from SG

I don’t think it’s according to lvl.
I have been in this game for 3 years, my level is 76.
For 2 years, I have been submitting a form to be selected for beta membership, once 2 times, 3 times. Unfortunately, there was still no response. The meaning of this is not chosen :frowning_face:

In my opinion, whoever spends too much is a beta member :roll_eyes:

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I spent 0 dollars on this game so far, and I was added to Beta last December (that was my second application attempt).
My player lvl is 67.
Maybe they checking your forum activity too.
(During my first application attempt I was less active on the forum than nowadays)


Maybe it’s like you said.
But I am very active in the game, although not in the forum.
I spend a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 hours of my day in the game.
I wish they looked at this too.

If they don’t accept it, the next year (if I stay in the game) I’ll try again.

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That’s definitely one of the things they look at.


I think it’s based on how much you are active in forum and in game. If you play game less definitely there will not be much activity in beta also, that’s one of the reason they will ask in beta application how much time u spend in game. They are not biased. Global chat was there sometime back but I don’t know the exact reason why they removed it for India. My assumption there is a limit for testers in each country . Be active in forum and if u have applied for it this time u might get it in next beta opening :slight_smile: All the best and happy gaming.


They let anyone in hey :wink: thanks @littleKAF

I applied once and got in I woukd say my activity on the fourm was probably a big help. Plus my answers was honest and kinda not made up stuff.

To everyone else, With beta they kinda want feed back the whole point of it, sure its fun to play with new hero’s or events but feed back is the key as i see people who don’t… Who I kinda think they should.

I wouldnt suggest spamim the fourm with posts either, just give advice where you can if you can’t then don’t worry. Try being active in other posts like trails or events or tournaments. Share your teams on them…
Beta is for life not just for version 36 download :wink:


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