Beta Tester Applicant Personal Requests for Updates [Staff response in Post 15] -- As of Dec 2020, Beta Applications CLOSED

That time i wasnt available on forum so super active but trying hard to get in eveeytime…Unfortunately not get in

The last activity there was in December 2020


So it did not seem to be opened recently.

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Who do they pick? I bet there’s politics involved. Probably why they’d never pick me lol.

Beta applications are not open yet. Last time they accepted in December 2020

Only people like you would think politics is involved.

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Yup. That’s me. Orange Man bad Supreme Dictator supporter.

That’s the way it is.

One step to reopen applications, is most of us quit the beta program. It’s not worth it.

Yes after hearing many quit I’m hoping it opens soon I’d love to be in beta, hopefully I might be accepted this time.

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