Beta Tester Applicant Personal Requests for Updates [Staff response in Post 15] -- As of Dec 2020, Beta Applications CLOSED

I would like to apply for testing if it’s still possible.
Same nick in the game.

edit ok nvmd i see it’s not possible anymore.

Good to know. I was curious myself if I should continue checking or not.

So when should I be expecting my access to the beta lounge?

I would really like to know if it’s possible, if there’s some kind of transparency on the results? Who got in, and why,? Really like to know. Or is random? Or There’s some reason I couldnt get the beta test? Spend small amount of money, give little hints on the aply form etc.or others.

From what I understand the applications are judged on:

  1. Your responses to the form questions
  2. Your in game time (beta testing will steal some of that time away from the live game so don’t want to choose someone who doesn’t get online much)
  3. Forum activity; want someone who is active in the community

There would obviously be other factors such as roster and the like so that there is a wide range of heroes, players and play styles who have access to beta… No point only adding whales cause that doesn’t allow any other experiences/ opinions to be heard.


I’d recommend this post - it’s a good read on beta.


Was it something I said?

Me gustaria participar en beta tengo alianza que funciona bien y 2 cuentas nivel 66 y 55

moderator edit and reminder that English is official forum language

I would like to participate in beta I have an alliance that works well and 2 accounts level 66 and 55

Beta applications are currently closed. You can look at the #news-announcements section, including the “apply for beta” subsection for more information.


@zephyr1 still no luck here :sob:

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I’ve seen new people added recently still, so I think they’re probably still working through applications.


I’m still not able to access the beta forums. Where do I go to report this bug?

Same here :crying_cat_face:

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Thank you for keeping me posted, was on my mind


Dumb question but… how are you contacted so you know if/when you’re accepted to BETA?

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the email you applied with


To #beta-lounge:beta-bugs of course. :face_with_monocle:


That actually worked. Thank you for talking to them on my behalf, and getting me in there…


Just curious how much longer they will be going through applications. I know it’s time consuming but it would be nice if all of us waiting could have a general time frame at least.

Realistically speaking it’s very likely over now. Seems that they’re only adding friends and co-members from testers’ alliances. You’re not alone, I didn’t get in either and with us most likely 99% of the other applicants.


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