Beta Tester Applicant Personal Requests for Updates [Staff response in Post 15] -- As of Dec 2020, Beta Applications CLOSED

Same rate as myzterio :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much for each of you help :blush:
From now on I will try to be more active in the forum.

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Is beta open again or not? I saw it was closed in January and then this most recent thread said it’s open again.

The application for Beta last closed in December 2020.

This thread dates back to December 2019, so you may have been looking at an old post in the thread.

I just updated the thread title to avoid confusion, since it was referring to a Beta application cycle from last year.

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That causes confusion, there ought to be a way to update the entire thread so everything is consistent. Like link to the most recent area that shows it open or closed. Or create a new thread when it’s open and close the thread when it closes. That might help some.

If you have high enough trust level, then you can view that here: #news-announcements:apply-for-beta

There is one. This isn’t where it lives.

This is just a thread of people asking for updates on the process, and people who aren’t eligible to apply for Beta asking about whether applications are open.

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Oh okay, sorry. I thought it was the tester thread. I understand now.

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I spend more time playing game rather than spending on forum im lvl 60 player

I’m repeating what @Gryphonknight said Earlier, they want feedback so u need to be active in forum. Beta testers need to give feedback on the hero’s released in forum, that is the main purpose of beta testing. Be active in forum u will get it next time :slight_smile:


And don’t be super negative and critical of SG and Zynga. Pretty sure that’s what keeps me out of Beta.
I got to call things how I see them .

If you read feedback from players in Beta, I don’t think you’d think that.

There’s plenty of earnest criticism of SG and Zynga.

I would say it’s not an issue of content, but communication — they like players who are critical, but civil, and expressive of what they’d suggest as an improvement.

If someone’s idea of feedback is tossing around insults, or just lamenting that something is bad without suggesting alternatives — that will contribute to them being kept out of Beta.

But criticizing SG, Zynga, and the game design decisions won’t; really that’s the whole point of Beta.



This is very close

The forum’s official language is English, but many good players from other languages, and cultures

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Though English is most prominent on the forum

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Think of it like a musical broadway play

Some people can sing. Maybe you are best at raids. Devs can check your account.

Some people can dance. Maybe you are best at farming. Devs can check your account.

Some people can act. Maybe you are best at helping your alliance teammates. Devs can check you social media ( any language ) or forum ( English ) presence.

But for a musical broadway play, you do not have to be the best at any one of the above, but you have to be very good at all THREE

Devs want a player that can play well, understand the meta and help other people understand the game for Beta program.

You may be awesome at what you do.

But does what you do match the job requirements?


“Ask me for anything you want, except time”


Rumor from beta says Devs has to hire a third party firm to keep track of Beta after

Some bug reports slipped through

Requirement to be active in Beta lounge sub forum

So the Devs want to know when something stinks in Beta, but if they are drowning in feedback, they will have to sort it somehow

It is the old adage, HR throws out applications with spelling, and grammar error, unread.

If you are not going to take the process seriously, why should they waste their time.

@Guvnor feedback god

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see also many of recent

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Me too Dazey. Lol. I’m always on but I spend so much time managing, that maybe that has made the difference. Cest la vie

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I spend a lot of money and time in game… Lol i use to play auto play when at work😉

I also think they choose based on the device you say you play the game on

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Agree with you :slightly_smiling_face:

20 char

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I applyed 2 times. Ive been playing for 3 years now and im still hoping to get in. When next form will be open then I will aplly again. I dont give up😊


I apply every time it’s open. I’ll be playing 4 years in June. Never got picked. :woman_shrugging:

witam tez gram od 3 lat ale nigdy nie starałem się o konto beta ale też bym bardzo chcial być może kiedyś szczęście dopisze pozdrawiam

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