Beta Test — Hireling Hero – Temporary Testing for Heroes

Test new summons or new train =
4* and 5* heroes
1-7 day paid worker (the token is the payment for temporarily joining your army)
4* get 7 days
5* get 1 day
Heroes are either fully maxed or have much much much lower training costs, OR charge 1 gem per level.
Timer starts first battle fought
Appears in different hero menu when feeding but in the same menu (with different shading) when selecting teams (if allowed for this battle)
1 token cost for talent grid
Only food cost for 5* talent grid
Not sure the reception on this, so test it first
The ideal reaction would be to let players see what they’re missing and make them want the 5* more
Also, it is a good way to level the playing field in events. Give out a Hire token in the second to last battle of an event to let more players finish.

If it works well, can expand to rent your heroes to your alliance members.

Or if you wanted to get cute, you could make every hero (ever, including past HOTM) of all levels (1-5*) equally likely in the summon / train. This might be a nice break from the other low probability summons. Of course you would need to allow feeding of the 1&2*. And you might need to put a 30 day expiry to make sure people don’t hoard on accident. Altogether the idea is to let someone temporarily boost their power (either by paying $) or because you want to level the playing field from time to time. Hireling heroes can be allowed / dis-allowed from raid to raid, war to war, world level to level, as you design, and can vary from time to time.

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