Beta test games E&P

Judging by how many players have most likely applied? I’d say 2 weeks lol

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Some say they’re still waiting… :wink:
I got accepted within 2 weeks after applying I believe.

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There are thoughts how long we wait for an answer (or give up hope)?

I think she just answered this:


Never give up

Never give up, never surrender. "

―Commander Peter Quincy Taggart

Fable time

Here is an interesting beta tester story. With a moral.

Apparently one beta tester - we will call them Adam - complained on the company forum that a forum user - we will call them Bryan - had accidentally posted to the beta sub forum.

Bryan apologized.

The forum staff replied, according to their records Bryan had been in Beta for months.

Companies can always go back through old applications


Check you overly aggressive Spam folders for acceptance emails


i first realized i had been accepted to beta when i came to check the forum and saw this new lounge called ‘Beta Lounge’.

After this i checked my email and found the acceptance letter

Best of luck to you all beta applicants


Application submitted. Hope to hear something soon. Thanks for posting.

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He :slight_smile:

20 characters are not enough


Did anyone get a email response once they submitted there beta application ?

Lmao just the first time for @Rook to miss it with a forum member :smiley: She used to mistake about @JonahTheBard calling him Her xD

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I just applied…will try lol

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My deep apologies, sir! :wink:


Sir?hahaha im woman hony lol kiss

Applied a few days ago. When are they sending notification emails out?

It can take days or weeks to get a notification, so be patient.

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I was answering @Aquaginera_7DD :joy:

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And when will I recive the answer from SG?


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Haha yes yes i sow after that haha im ss :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


It is like with everything in this game, we have to be patient :grinning:


Unfortuntaly not. Only the websites message “thanks for your application”.
For sure that could be done in a better way…
A cofirmation mail with all submitted content would be nice.