Beta ridiculousness

Let me start off by saying that I love this game. I love that it is supported, the community, the game itself, and the fact that it gives me something to do while I poo.


I have 2 major gripes when it comes to the Beta -

1 : How in the heck do you get into the beta?! I know about the forum post with the application link etc but that is always closed and even people who have applied are still waiting to get in. Does this mean that 100% of the people in beta are active or is it time to clean house and issue some new/more keys? AND I hate to say it but maybe it’s time to purge the beta players and ad an entirely new list of beta players with fresh perspectives. I won’t name any names but it is clear that certain beta players have skewed opinions about the game due to their length of time playing, “status” in game, and compare everything to what they want and not what is best for the average/new player. Specifically, it would benefit the game to have beta testers who can give fresh perspective with new feedback that isnt tarnished by a player who has been in beta for over a year.

2 : The whole “cant post things outside of beta” is just terrible imo. From a legal stance I get it saying that maybe another game will implement a thing that is still in E&P beta and then sue you for infringement etc could be a thing but not likely due to obvious reasons. Not being able to share beta information is hurting the community. Players can give feed back outside of beta if they know what’s going on, players will buy more ascension packs etc of they know what heroes to expect, and it will allow for fewer gripes on the forums if we know what changed mechanics to expect before they are implemented. Overall it is just silly to “hide” info from beta for fear of being banned etc.

Give free access to information
Give more access to beta


I tried to figure out something smart to say, but after @Rigs post i just feel like there’s nothing else to say.

So here’s a snickers.



Lol after all that typing i am pretty hungry


As a beta tester, I can honestly say that all the general information is leaked here, specific information is leaked elsewhere and that I have seen enough changes and unwarranted panic attacks based on changes that ended up NOT happening that warrant not leaking information.

Beta testers are free to discuss generally what is going on in beta, just not post SPECIFICS (like cards, actual gameplay, etc.). That seems reasonable to me. Everyone knows at this stage that Santa’s coming in December…


Let them quit. It’s really no big deal. Zynga will bring in more players. Lol


Civil and constructive please. You are free to disagree, but labelling other specific forum members is likely to attract flags.


You bet 20 characters

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I do not know how the beta players are chosen. It could be random, it could be hand selected it could be a combination of both. I have beta tested many games in the past and there are different forms of testing. Could be content testing, bug testing, stress testing. That will also determine how many testers the developers need. I understand the desire to want to test but you have to self reflect “why do I really want to beta test?” Is it to get information of up coming features or is it to really test? I can’t say for which one it is for you as only you can decide that for yourself.

Most beta test I have ever been a part of have had some sort of non disclosure agreement or gag order associated with participation. You agree to this rule as a beta tester. Judging by the leaks some do not follow this but usually from my experience if it is found out who is leaking they are removed from the beta. Again it’s an agreement you don’t have to apply for beta if you do not feel this is something you can’t do.

As for the sign up I can assure you it does come arround. I personally have applied at least 3 times already but this is not some sort of “pre order special for early content” you get from a console game so I understand I may be choosen, I may not. There are no special perks for beta tested in any game I have ever tested and actually quite the contrary! You loose constant saves there are reverts, servers go down it’s nothing like a production server/game.

The best anyone can do is keep applying when they can and keep your eyes open :slight_smile:


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@Rigs well done.

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TL;DR, “Me. Opinion. Speculation. Me. Beta. Tester. Better. Good. Me”

Thanks to all our testers out there.


Nevermind, that’s a more honest opinion and suits my style a lot better than the cheesy one before

I think the beta rules of not being able to show content is a bad move. What it has lead to is a situation where we have this class of “beta testers” who are very much in the know of what’s coming and can plan their game and opening accordingly (hotms for instance).

The rules state, they aren’t allowed to share content, but mysteriously every now and then some stuff leaks out which means that at least some (all?) of them are breaking the rules every now and then. I bet how it goes is something like: “I am not allowed to show this, but I just show you privately because you’re a trustworthy guy/gal and don’t show this to anyone else (and conveniently now I did you a favour which means social credit for me).”

So really what this “don’t share” policy does is make beta content, and information on it, a scarce contraband resource which the beta testers have access to.

I’m speculating, that the reason SG wants to limit the amount of folks privy to beta information is, knowledge on the beta content affects the spending patterns. For instance now that there is a rumour of a blue element debut blue hotm next month in wide circulation, I and many others are saving pulls for it and not spending it on the wonderland heroes, which is obviously not in the interest of the game company.

It’s kind of an unsolvable problem for them. Unlimited information on beta would be bad for business. On the other hand this situation is unfair and ■■■■■■ ppl off.


You can see beta pictures everywhere, except on this forum… enough said I think.

I definitley have space for the wonderland heroes :slight_smile:


Busted. How did you know @FrenziedEye?

Would appreciate beta complaints in another thread please @Finmirage. All firms need beta to iron out the kinks before release. No system is perfect but SG is making an effort.

Before you ask: No, I am not in beta.

This thread was begun to help address the information gap, beta testers ARE allowed to share their impressions and some have (Thanks to those of you that have).

Those that are leaking beta images and full details onto the web are breaking their agreement with SG, it is up to SG to decide how to handle it.

This could be an expensive month with both Wonderland and two new Atlantis 5* being released.


I don’t understand why this was flagged… what did the post do that violated the forum rules?

It is completely off-topic.

Moved to a thread where it’s on-topic.

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“Everywhere” is a bit strong since I can never find them. I do often feel out of the loop and it is increasingly frustrating. It’s like standing on the outside of a playground that everyone else knows how to get into, but the gate guard is keeping me out.

YooHoo, go on Reddit.