Beta players- New testers?

good afternoon,
I would like to know if it will be possible to be able to enter the beta tests, as well as I should not miss players who would like to do this excperience. so I have seen the players who do the beta tests are always the same and I do not doubt they also have bonuses with this which is unfair to the rest of the players.

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Which bonuses do you think beta players get? I’ve been in the beta for a few months and I haven’t received any bonuses in my production account yet…


There are no bonuses for beta players.


You have to wait, if they are searching new ones.


I do not think there is, since they test the heroes and new battlefields, and whenever the month starts or new heroes come out I see most of these players with these heroes at the most, they will tell me that they live only for the

The only ‘bonus’ is that beta testers test new features before the general population can see them, which is exactly what beta testers are supposed to do. Scratching my head at this…

Plus everything gets leaked anyways so there’s really no bonus at all.


@vulcao Beta testers are volunteers drawn from the player base. They selflessly give their time testing new content and receive NO “BONUSES” of any kind.

If you are interested in donating time as a beta tester, you can regularly check the link posted by Ysabella above, and apply when they open applications again.


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