Beta players in events!

People have right to complain, because there’s a lot of things which could be done much better. A lot of people devouting their precious time and spending money often end with getting nothing… There are also dozens of great ideas and possible improvements but the devs doesn’t even bother react on any of them.

I don’t necessarily need to see replies like “Yes, we’ll do that” or “No, we won’t do that”, but it would be great to get a reply like “We like this idea. It could be on our to-do list one day” ONCE IN A WHILE.

All developers aren’t the same. There are a lot of developers from various games expressing opinions like this.

It’s all about who you are. If you’re somebody caring only about money, you will probably never reply to any ideas, which is the case unfortunately.


You can’t practice on line pics and vids …

As for the beta players, they aren’t people you should blame for anything. They are players like we are :sunglasses:


Being a beta tester is truly a thankless job. People never see the 100 things you fix, the hours testing or the suggestions made to make the product better. What the end users (in this case - players not in beta) see is what the beta testers didn’t catch or how they, the testers, benefit.

It’s a shame as I personally know how hard of a job it is. While my company pays me to beta test their products, the beta testers for SG are volunteers.

Thank-you to all of you who are in Beta.

I’ve seen the chaos when a new product gets released without quality testing. Please don’t let the negativity of some destroy the wonderful testing you are doing.

@Xero786 come join us in the RCT. It will restore your faith in humanity… Toxicity is definitely not allowed :grin:

The Ridiculous Complaints thread


The information gained in Beta which is claimed as advantage is “what I’m going to face in each level”. That information was published in Line before Beta even finished.

(I daresay it was corrected and re-released when the real product emerged.). Shall I look and see where and when it was also posted on the Forums, so everyone had access to it?

Some preliminary stuff:

The level-by-level, how to defeat it, stuff:


Let me guide you to a place that does just that. Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)


I fully agree with what was written here.
I love this game and also thanks to you Beta Testers.


Im in beta and was and am still desperately looking for my advantage. Anyone seen it cause Wonderland was by far the worst I have done on any event yet, and this was the first time I tested an event as a beta player.

Beta requires heaps of time and sometimes I dont even get to test what I want due to the app not functioning correctly.

Beta currently is testing a feauture, which is a bit buggy. I take my hat off to fellow testers, where they actually get the additional time above their own live game goes beyond me.

Oh and just to make it clear, it aint no sunshine and roses in beta, there is contant debate and chopping and changing and in the end … SG does what they want.

Ps … still looking for my advantage …


You can’t PLAY with the info … Nevermind seems like you don’t understand what I’m saying, maybe it’s the language barrier, English is not my first language.

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I was one of the ones that raised a big stink in beta about the events. I absolutely agree that it has been abused in the past. I said then and I still believe that it is very fishy when the top beta testers are the top in real game. That thread got out of hand and lots of things were said that shouldn’t have been. SG decided it fit to remove scores. It could be too little too late? I still look at the past as unfair but I do honestly believe removing scores and not having past events in beta will stop the ridiculous unfair advantage. Yea it still has it’s perks. I know a lot of people pay it forward and give valuable feedback, make event boss sheets for everyone, and one even posted the “mystery of the match bonus”. The info is out there. Morally I did not see it right to run the new event with the small chance I would compete. I ended up not really trying for it but I definitely wasn’t going to be the top tester and try to win it.

The damage has been done. We can’t really get back those past events that may have been unfair. Frankly dator and myself have won legendary 7 of the last 8 events not having beta. It obviously isn’t that big of an advantage (especially now that the scoring was removed and they aren’t replaying old events). Like i said before the advantage is knowing how it’s scored, being able to save the items, having a strategy, and unfortunately you have to be willing to replay a ton. I wish it were different but that is the only way to place high.


No Zero, with all due respect that is not true. The forum, since I’ve known it, since I arrived, has always been the same. Now it seems more toxic to some, because with you I was not going. It did not matter that it was discovered, as it happened, a trap that climbed heroes and troops to the brim, fast and almost free (and without real punishment), it did not matter what was done (to keep the forge and not have to leave titans it’s an unbalancing barbarity), what was not going with the “elites” of the game. The toxicity went to Sg and the devs. Now the community is huge and the “elite” is made up of tens of thousands of people. It will not be like before.

That was published, by honest and public channels, after leaving the event, I asked for it and it was not given to me. And talking about Line is talking about corruption, if it is forbidden it is in everything and, although I know that YOU DO NOT, it is absolutely that information is shared in the alliances.

Although you didn’t use a quote link to quote me, I’m assuming this remark is pointed towards me? If not, my apologies for stepping into the wrong discussion.

  1. It is a thankless job. I’ve been a professional beta tester for the last 3 1/2 years. When a new product is released to our users I never get a thank-you from the new users for doing a great job, for fixing the myriad of issues they never see, or for making suggestions that make the product more user-friendly. What I do hear about is any issues that made it out to the users.

  2. I did not say I was a beta tester for SG. I am not.

  3. I do not believe I was… ummmm… complaining in any form. I was thanking the beta testers for the terrific job they do.

And not that it matters to this discussion, but I find my job very rewarding. It may not be rocket science, but it is very tedious. When I see a flawless release of a new product those hours of staring at computer screens (3 to be exact…) are made worthwhile. I’m like a proud new mommy :laughing:


Agreed; my point is, if the cry is “Beta doesn’t share its secrets and nothing is known until the event”, that’s not true.

Many folks copy/paste and share—I believe—from a desire to help.

As I’ve already said, help was also posted to the Forums; anyone who searched “Wonderland” could find it.

It is toxic to play one group against another and I’d really love if the Forum could return to helping each other and not being like the Sneetches on the Beaches:



As far as I can tell… Top players post videos to YouTube showing us their strategy. People in my alliance do quite well in the events. I know the strategy… I am old and slow, I wont ever win. Watching @Xero786 or @Uclapack plays further illustrates to me that they are both significantly better at working the board than I will ever be… So sure maybe they had a little more advantage than us non-beta players, but wow are they masters of the game.

Thanks for sharing you guys!


But @Rook the spreadsheet for the levels was readily available and I knew what each level looked like before the event came out and I repeat that since I saw only two levels with green bosses I didn’t think I should try to compete with a red team… the advantage in beta is unlimited test runs. If I had unlimited test runs I would be able to figure out months ago that your team build is based on the minions not the bosses. Until wharflord told me that you want to kill the first wave with tiles and then use items and specials to complete the stage, I thought you just carpet bomb the minions with items and take care of them in like 10 seconds and take your team with your great board up against the bosses. It’s counter intuitive that you would take a mono red team to a stage where you know it’s a blue boss and you want to farm for an amazing red board and then use up all your red tiles on minions… That’s just something I wouldn’t think of trying when it costs me valuable resources to do so. It absolutely boggles my mind that people think “unlimited test runs for like a handful of people is NOT an advantage. It’s a thankless job and service, NOT in any way ANY kind of advantage.” That just doesn’t sit well with me.

I didn’t beat it with a mono red team, nor practice with a mono red team.

I played each level looking for weaknesses of the five Wonderland heroes, and any evidence of OP’ness, and seeing whether the heroes’ special’s matched their cards.

In other words, I did the job of a Beta tester.

Perhaps if I was a selfish person, out for my own gain, misusing Beta time to squeeze out my own advantage, then I would know about the mono red. :wink:


That’s great! But did you have any interest in competing this event? Did you even compete? Because epic and legendary categories were won by beta testers… just saying. Both mono red teams.


I finished Epic. I think somewhere in the 50,000 range.

So Beta’s can come first place…and much later place. I think it has to do with how often they are willing to replay the levels, less on their prior knowledge.

Just wanted to mention that I don’t have beta access.


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