Beta players in events!

It’s not fair that beta and unlimited fitters get to play in events! I’m a long time player and I’ve played and paid for everything I’ve received from this game!!

Why should beta players be banned from events? Nothing from their beta accounts transfers over to the production accounts. They don’t have access to anything special.


English is not my main language. What do you mean with unlimited fitters?

And beta players, are not the problem here. The players in the top 100 would be at the top without being beta players. We have good examples of players that reach number 1 without being beta player.


From what I understand beta testers just try out new heroes and features and give feedback as to what works and what might need adjusting.

I don’t think they get access to things like quests and events to be able to practice to get better at them, or see which heroes work best for them. They play them to hopefully find any bugs, which ultimately helps the rest of us.

There are plenty of beta testers on the forums, most are very helpful about sharing tips and tricks in the game, and often post videos so the rest of us can see how they get through certain event challenges.


Scoring was disabled in beta, so it was impossible to test-drive strategies.

Besides, as a green event we all had our red stack strategies perfected.

Details of the mobs and bosses by level were available on forums on release and on most Line groups before that.

So what benefit do you see beta users getting?

If beta users are dropped from the events, how many beta testers will be left?

If new events aren’t put through beta, how will bugs be found?


I agree with this. Once the scoring was removed so was the advantage. The events need to be tested but they did not need to be tested with scoring. Glad SG did the right thing here. I don’t see this as an issue anymore. To the OP the biggest thing to learn about placing in the top of events is how the match bonus works, what strategies to use and how much time and replays you’re willing to put into it…the answers are out there. I’m sure most of the people that have placed high in the past will be willing to share, myself included.


I just want to be a beta tester lol:)


Lol as soon as Ucla become a beta tester she don’t won anything :grin:


Haha I told myself to sit this one out…it sort of happened. Beta had nothing to do with it. I really didn’t test much until they removed the scores. Even then I just played a couple through to make sure everything seemed to function as it should. There is some advantages to being able to see the levels first but again most of that info was shared to the community before the event actually went live anyway.


With all respect, Uclapack would share it with your alliances and friends. I asked for that information here and ended up in a bitter debate. “Cesar’s wife does not only have to be honest, but look like it.” Some people have chosen a bad time to return to dispute events and the elimination of points, only solve the problem with the first 10, but the rest of the advantages follows.

Being a Beta player doesn’t necessarily confer an automatic advantage to you.

I’m in Beta and I didn’t make the top 50,000 in Wonderland.

I’m getting very tired of all the vitriol dumped on the heads of Beta because they are Beta. I’m not sure if it’s envy (“hey, I wanted that job!”) or distrust (“hey, they’re probably cheating!”) or whatever, but it’s very old by now.

Beta players—without pay or benefits—provide a thankless service to the rest of the players of the game. Can we move on?


Nope, not gonna happen. Yes being a beta player automatic gives you advantage.

You are a beta player without pay or benefits because you are the mother theresa? Because you are addicted to the game? Because you want to know things ahead of others? Because you want to try the heroes and see for yourself wich ones are good to obtain or not? Because it was good tot test if going full defense or full attack using your emblems and testing on which hero was better to upgrade the talents was a good deal? Because you can see some possible arrangements for the future raid event and prepare in advance, evolving or not different heroes or troops? Because despite not having score you know that you need to complete the stage fast to get a good score on challenge, and other metrics, so that does not matter much, and you could try lots of combinations before hand without spending anything for real?

I really do think you are on the good side of beta testers Rook, but you are being to naive or deceitful about this. I am sorry but its obvious that being a beta tester gives you advantage and I dont trust people. Its hard to think that 100% of the beta testers are not getting any edge at all from this. I encourage you to be critical and admit that there is something to gain or you are just being a slave, working for free, to a multi-million dollar, and soon to be billion, company. Can we stop playing the victim?


Well let’s see: Being a Beta tester…

  • Let’s me see new art in advance
  • Let’s me test (and help define) new cards
  • Lets me see new events
  • Lets me try new systems (emblems)
  • Lets me point out flaws in new cards, events, systems

Do I get paid? No. Do I get to keep anything? No. Do I get to see stuff? Yes.

Mother Teresa, hardly. I’m a curious cat! I want to know. Naturally, after all this time I see the ebb and flow in the system. Some of our suggestions are adopted, but not all. SG has final say, as they should.

And Beta changes constantly, as it should, trying to provide heroes and events that are as bug-free and balanced as possible…but naturally there can always be a wrench here or there.

Thank you for assuming I’m not evil. No thanks for the deceitful comment. :wink:


I can see the advantage of being a beta tester and it has nothing to do with getting a competitive edge.

I would expect for many its being part of the creative experience, having a voice and seeing how the sausage was made as it were.

Just like in mmo some want to be super elite and others just love the experience and enjoy roleplaying.

Are there beta testers who may seek to gain some edge? Maybe but i highly doubt its more than a small handful. For most I ascribe feelings that they do just love the game and the overall development process. Doesnt have to be a sinister power grab.

Throw my hat in the “thank you beta testers” ring. Without you there would be an order of magnitude more bugs that would negatively affect my gaming experience. If you think they are all in it for gain of some sort it speaks far more to your mindset than theirs and i even feel little bad for you having such a jaded world view tbh.

If you’ve played games without a player base beta, youd see the value immediately. An unholy cluster after every major release.


Arguing this seems really pointless now they have released all the colour reflect events, its unlikely that they will add more

If you are not deceitful you are naive, and that is okay.

-Seeing new art it is no big deal.
-Testing a card is some sort of deal, because you can see the sinergy with your own cards, maybe hold in ascending someone because you think you can get someone better, and this is a good deal for a p2w person, or you dont think it is?
-Seeing new events, like in the post you could try different strategies and at least have a good start on which set of heroes for each level should be better, it there are no scores. Dont you agree?
-Trying new systems, like emblems, allows you to strategize all you roster, who to ascend or not and which route should be better. A normal person will have to get a reset emblem or pay gems and waste 5% of emblems, to maybe realize the first way around was better. You dont see any advantage?

  • This doenst matter much.

Can you just admit that there is an advantage in being beta tester? You can ackownledge me, debate what I said (I dont think that is possible but me my guest) or ignore me.


half the players in the game get all these advantages too even if they aren’t in beta, nothing there is ever secret for more than a couple of days


@Loro Basically, your claim here is that old standard practices won’t work on these new events and that appropriate strategy may only be discovered after experiencing the event.

Considering that the strategy for every event remains identical… yeah… you’re still off base. Generally speaking, the version that goes live is not the version that was played during the beta. If anything, beta players are at a disadvantage because the live game does not match their beta-filled expectations.

See? The ‘benefit’ goes both ways.

Having a live beta improves the game before it meets the eyes of the public and is advantageous to all, with no ill side-effects to the community. Rather, it makes the community stronger while making the game better and gives us a voice that the devs will listen to.

There is no reason to try and shame beta players, as seems to be the goal of this thread. If the purpose is that y’all don’t want beta to exist… well, there are plenty of other games that you can go effect such change in, but please leave any game that I’m playing alone. I, for one, appreciate all of their bug-hunting and dev-feedback.


@CheTranqui Do I prefer to test in exaustion something that is say 70% close to what it was in beta (but I would say 90% at least) without speding anything, WE or itens, from my real account, or wait and try with the real thing?

Yeah, your point is invalid.

This. The constant hate on beta testers is getting ridiculous. I agree with @Rook that most of that hate comes from envy because I envy them too, duh. However, I envy them not because of any advantage they might get (I know about the upcoming features and heroes just as much as them), but because I am deeply involved in the game in the competitive sense and beta is a good way to take it one step further, help the game go in the right direction. Wish I could do that too, but I’m not going to attack them just to vent.


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