Beta account

How can i get a betta account? Thnx in advance

Take a seat and wait for it. :smiling_imp:

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Put yourself in a small aquarium filled with water and hope for the best :wink:

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Ha ha ha thnx for the useful info :+1:t2:

What is Betta?
Do you mean Beta tester account?
If so this need Staff to open a thread to offer spot open in Beta squad for members. You fill up the forms they give and wait till be aproved. No promiess … I say wait to be aproved.

:smile: sorry but Im waiting also to be a beta.

So many times watching the official post for beta accounts.

Basically stick the forum, help as many people as you can, provide thoughtful insight/feedback, be active in the game, don’t accumulate any forum flags or start any controversial threads/posts

You’ll be a solid candidate

So far I’ve seen multiple friends get in and that’s pretty much all they did(which is actually quite hard to do). They earned their spot in the views of SG.

Best advice i have. Also learn and understand every inch of the game and it’s mechanics as much as possible and stay up to date on any changes.

Btw I’m not in beta. These are just small mental notes I’ve made while watching others get in. I’m not pc enough to crack that list but I’m enjoyin the game and forum without it


Hi @Magnifiko. Like @Jedon said … SG Staff will open a thread to offer spot open in Beta squad for members. @Rook had said is another post : Keep your eyes here:

Empires & Puzzles Beta Program is now open for applications!

I’d also regularly check the News section of the Forum.

Good luck! In the meantime, have you applied to Fast Pass to Active Player Lounge. Hope this is helpful… my best to you !!!


Well they have closed the application. Till next time we have to wait but thnx for the info Manule

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Anytime @Magnifiko — happy holidays to you!!

@Magnifiko I thought you know it was closed by now. Sorry for not posting the link.

I should have posted it after my little joke. :disappointed_relieved:

No worries @Tato :raised_hands:t2: . Maybe when the application gets opened again we can be lucky. Merry christmas and happy new year guys. All the best :grin:

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Basically what @Rigs said

Be an active member of this community, learn everything you can about the game, show an interest for learning and studying all of the mechanics, and show some initiative. Be helpful, kind, and share whatever knowledge/tips you aquire over the course of your gaming experience. So many people on this forum ask for help, so take the time to assist them when you can :blush:

SG reads this forum frequently, so they’ll take notice if you’re being a helpful member here. They want people who love and care about this game, especially the ones that want to see it improve and be the best that it can be. Also, those who understand this game enough to give beneficial feedback in order to ensure everything is working correctly [ie that there are no bugs/heroes/mechanics that are broken], for when it does go live.

Additional Helpful Tip: Apply for the Active Players Lounge :wink:


@Magnifico, start with following the advice that @Rigs & @RandaPandah so clearly gave you.
Be a constructive, useful, respectful, vocal presence here and in the chat rooms. In other words introduce yourself to the players, moderators, and Dev’s in a positive way. Show them you know the game and are willing to give back.
Best of luck to you.


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