Bestest defense!

Hi all! after a long year I have enough to max one of each color of the following:

Quintus or wait
Anzogh, Elena, Zim, Azlar,
Richard, Thorne, Frida, Isarnia
Justice, Leonidas

Help me choose?

I have Ranvir maxed as well as all 4 stars except BT and Caedmon (They still elude me)

Which four would you choose to get the most bang for your buck

Thank you!

Purple - I’d wait. Quintus is okay, but there are more great Purple heroes than any other color probably.

Red - Zimkitha. She’s an amazing hero.

Blue - I’d do Frida, because her elemental defense down is good against titans and good stacking colors.

Yellow - of the two Justice.

Green - ???


I’d do Leo over justice but I’m in that anti slow club.
… or just wait on both… :woman_shrugging:

Agree on frida and zim for sure.


Zim Frida for sure. I’d wait on yellow and purple til you get better. Just what I would do.


I agree with everybody, absolutely Zimkhita and Frida.

Then depends on you: if your a spender, wait for better purple and yellows. Otherwise, wait anyway for purple, but Justice would be a nice tank

Purple - wait
Red - Zim without a doubt
Blue - Frida
Yellow - wait or Leo (he is a one man army especially during end raids)

Thanks for the replies everyone, I have already started working on Zim and Frida and will wait on quintus. Still undecided on justice vs Leo or wait (also considering wether they benefit from Ranvir’s elemental link)

How would my defense team look like once I level Frida, Zim and a gold hero (or not)?

If you have 12 or more tabards, I don’t think there’s harm in giving them to Quintus, as even if you get a better option you’ll still have enough.

Otherwise, I’d wait and look at your 4* or 3* purple options.

Only 6 Tabbards, my purple options are Rigard+9, Merlin, Proteus or Tibs

For green I have Hansel, Melendor and a 3/70 Margaret that probably will never get tonics. My Ranvir is at +5 and I also have Li Xiu.

I was thinking bringing Sonya or Grimm into the mix for defense team to take advantage of Frida’s debuff but not sure

how would you setup my defense?

Zim, Frida, Ranvir

Rigard+10, Kiril, Melendor, Grimm+9, Wilbur, Cyprian, G.Falcon, Merlin, Proteus, Li Xiu, Justice (3/70), Hansel, Sonya, Tibs

Hi it’s me again :smile: I leveled zim, Frida and Víctor, now my defense is the following:
Grimm, Zim, Frida, Víctor, Ranvir.

I just pulled Horghall, should I level him as my tank or wait and keep using Grimm or another 4*? (If you can think of a better setup for my defense team please let me know)

Forgot to mention thank you all! I went from 2100 cups to low diamond immediately :slight_smile:

Horghall is not a great tank. Yes high health, but low defense. He is not punishing enough except for really bad boards.

Which is unfortunate because I have him maxed. Lack of other options at the time.