Best yellow 5 * to ascend - advice please

Hey forum need help with next ascension.

My current defence team is wr gm heimdall vela seshat I sit comfortably around 2700

This is more for raids war titans. Here is the options.

What are your current maxed yellows? Other than White Rabbit?

Second question, do you have Black Knight?

Here is my roster, I also have all sand and all pirates and most of season 3 hero’s.

So BK & Sif have a really great synergy in that the “flesh wound” of BK can kick in but still counter for full damage:

However for raiding & titans I would say that Guin is the weakest link by far…

A sniper would probably be the best option to pair up with G. Jackal… so I would say either Joon or Poseidon… Of the two I would probably go Joon personally but both are great sniping options…

Then you can pair WR & Drake as a deadly combo + also Jackal & Joon for 1-2 punch.

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I have costume Elena and rings, should I up her first? I was gonna do lady Loki maybe or tyr but that screenshot you sent is legit

It’s sometimes difficult to manufacture given that BK is average speed and elena is slow… so the current META of telly tanks doesn’t really help overmuch…

I would go L-Loki first… a cleanser who casts back at the enemy is more useful…

Put it this way, I now have L-Loki in most of my raid teams now… definitly in all my Telly teams… Used to have C-Elena in there to counter kill Vela… now I use L-Loki instead.

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Nice thanks for the tips guv

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Don’t get me wrong, its an amazing synergy & I still make use of it each war… but I wouldn’t ascend Elena & Costume purely for it… you’ll get better use out of L-Loki overall :slight_smile:

Too late lol I already ascended Elena for her attack stat anyway for titan , running Finley bk Elena costume vela ariel, I just riposte Poseidon for 1692 lol

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