Best wishes & farewell

Dear all,
Since November 2018 I definitely left E&P (After 23 months playing this game) for the third time, but this time for real.

I played this game with all my heart & love and energy. Bc of some personal issues I left, line also.

From this place I thank you all especially Chaosphere, Gips, Boara, Wif -my grandson- Vivienne, Lovluv, Tevva, Gloria, All Ewoks especially real Darth, Sagittarius, Dark Star, Nicole, Oops, all legio fanataci members, Tove, Evil Zora…and many many more…

Wish u all the best with this game and a great 2019.

@ the developers of this game, thank you for this great game and have a good 2019. At the end with one note for you…don’t think and act to commercial…

Greetings Darth™ or BB™

Ps can I give my accounts connect to another email address so another can move forward with it???

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Best of luck to you, Darth! If I may ask, why have you decided to leave?

Can’t reassociate the email address. Gotta sell your email address account along with the game account.

Some personal reasons and the game became too commercial for me…

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