Best way to level heroes

Just got magni to 4th ascension and have panther and jackal all going to 4th too

What’s the fastest way to level

Currently I run 3x camps with extra low cost and 1 with uncommon

What should I run instead?

3x TC11 (you save food and recruits)

1x TC19 > TC2 > TC11 rotation:
TC19 after farming chest at 8.7 (8.7 gives stuff for TC19 and many recruits)
TC2 until going to sleep
TC11 overnight


Very good plan. Thanks for sharing.

Hi all. New to the game but wondering if anyone has a breakdown of hero’s. What is the best hero’s to keep. Example, if I have three red 3 star hero’s and only need 1. Is there a list anywhere that helps me know which is best to keep

Concise and to the point.


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Start out by saving all your 3* and better heroes until you have a total of 30.

You will find uses for some extras.


Thats not even English

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@Tinymartin It’s shorthand notation for common game concepts.

TC= Training Camp, with the following number being the level of training you should be running. So TC11 would be Extra Low Cost Training for instance (the training that unlocks at TC level 11).

At stronghold level 20, you can have 4 training camps. So his advice is to run 3 constantly at TC11, and rotate the 4th one.

"Farming chest at 8.7” refers to repeatedly running Season 1 Province 8 Level 7 in order to fill the 100 monsters for your Wanted:Monsters mission. 8-7 has the highest average number of monsters per world energy flag. So it will fill your wanted mission chest as fast as possible.

If you do this, you’ll likely get several backpacks. TC2 uses backpacks to produce 1* and 2* heroes. So he’s suggesting you run TC2 until you’re ready for bed, then switch to TC11 overnight. This is because you’re unlikely to have enough backpacks to keep TC2 running the whole time you’re sleeping. And you don’t ever want a training camp to be idle.


I am all set when I draw something I want to power level. 3x TC11 have been going for a few weeks and are set to around 42 more days. My other one is doing some TC20 training. Got about 600 backpacks and 400 swords in inventory. Ham may be the only problem but I am sure it’ll be fine with some shuffling.

The trickiest part is drawing something worth it. Santa was my hope but it hasn’t worked out.

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