Best way to increase special of 3*

I know there are multiple topics on this subject, but I can’t find the correct one that clearly states the best way. I have had stubborn 3s and I just saved up duplicates for the last few special increases.
However, I am leveling Squire Wabbit and I can’t get duplicates and his special is only 2/8 with him being at 2/34 now :frowning: . I know, very unlucky.
I have been feeding him mostly red 1
s, a few 2s I got during farming, but the red 1s is the way to go, right?

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Yes, that’s correct.

Sticking to strictly 1* is the most effective diet for 3* special raising. Good luck, as they can be real pains to raise even following best practice.

Thanks both :slight_smile: .
I will just keep going at it then, and hope my luck will change… And feed the occasional red 2* to someone else.

Here is a table of statistics

If I’m reading this table correctly, it looks like using a single 1* hero at a time u the best possible odds for leveling up special skills in the long run. But that can’t be right, can it?

It has worked for me when certain cards were “stuck” on low specials.

I have used 1* one at a time, over and over (same color or rainbow) until that card levels up the special significantly. (Better to do this early on when the food cost is less, but I found the difference negligible, really. I don’t have a food deficit.)

Looks like you were reading it correctly. 1* hero is what most people already knew (hopefully). 1 at a time or 10 at a time doesn’t really matter (the 2% difference between them happens to also be the the odds you get when leveling up with a single 1* same color hero – do you really expect the special skill to increase in that case?)

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Yep, feed him red 1*s for best chance of a good special, and it really doesn’t matter one at a time or 10 at a time, until he hits 8/8 (or 6/8 before first ascension, or 7/8 at second ascension)

Good news (for Squire Wabbit’s special) is 2/44 is only 44% of the way to 3/50; you still have quite a ways to go, and many more chances for increases.

Additional good news is that once he gets to 3/50, you can keep feeding him, so you can get him there if you want to.

And BTW, I’ve got that wabbit, and my version had is special go up quickly; I was lucky…and yes, I do like that wabbit. He is cute, hard-hitting, and squishy. I’ve used him as an extra red going against titans, and he has a great attack score, comparing favorably to 4* 3/60 reds. (Which helps tile damage even after the titan has squished him!)

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Thanks all.
@BarryWuzHere I don’t think I am going to use wabbit on 9* titans though, lol. I might, if I didn’t have 4 red 4s maxed and 1 red 5 :wink: . I am leveling him for events only.
I just wanted to be sure on the best strategy, because he is very stubborn so far. The only 3* that was this stubborn was tyrum, who is still 7/8, saving up 4 tyrums again (3 more to go, but I don’t need him until guardian event anyway).

I am doing all red 1*s, but that varies from 1 to 10 at a time, depending on what I have in inventory. But that shouldn’t matter, right? I understood that the chance for the special to go up is a little higher with 10 at a time, but that evens out with the chance of the special going up more than once if you do 1 at a time, right? I took that as a doesn’t matter how many at a time.

I don’t think I would either! I’m using him as secondary against 5~7* titans, and I’m under two months into the game, and lacking the luxury of maxed red 4*s and 5*s that you have!

And nope, really doesn’t matter 1 at a time, 10 at a time, or anything in between. Most probable result is exactly the same.

One thing you can do is watch his XP, and pause at 2/39. You can feed him a full 10 heroes then for a full bonus 20~40% (depending on 1*/2* mix) chance of special increase. 95% of the XP and food will be wasted for leveling, only going toward possible special increase, but at your stage in the game, it might be worth it. Of course, you could just wait 'till he’s at 3/50 to do that too.


I now have him at 3/50 and at 6/8. So, should I keep feeding him red 1*s and doesn’t matter one by one or multiple? Very annoying, can’t get duplicates, so have to find a way… Well, at least I don’t need him next event with the red reglect, but still want him maxed ;-).

And did anyone ever get a stubborn 4*? I have merlin almost at 60 and his special never got up once besides the ascensions, really weird, I also have been feeding him only purple, since I am leveling 5 heroes at once. He still has a long way plus 1 more ascension to go before he is 70, so it probably will work itself out, but it is very weird anyway…

Yes, Bane, Balthazar and now Berden. What’s up with the B’s?

Anyways - Bane’s obvious since you get him first and level him and not appreciate how hard it is to max a 3* special. Balthazar just sucked. I ended up starting over, which I know was dumb, but I was annoyed and teh 2nd one maxed it real quick.

Berden is 3/25. I started him at 4/8 on ascension into tier 2 (so at 2.1 he was 4/8). He’s now at 6/8 and just being stubborn. I do have a copy and will save any other ones in case of the worst…

Thanks a lot for all these info.

I can’t believe I’ve been playing by focusing to get 2* fodders all this time. Such a waste of time.

If you use 10 1* feeders of the same color, or 5 2* feeders of same color, or any variation of that, it is 100% guaranteed leveling up a hero special now.

Happy Levelling :slight_smile:

My 3.44 Balthazar at 3/8 is the most stubborn (or cursed) hero I’ve ever tried to level up.

Don’t worry, he’ll become less of a head case once you have him at 3^50~

Yeah, I know. Even though I’m afraid of giving him four 2* (80%) and still he won’t upgrade. My 3* corps need another purple hitter!

It reminds me the pain of my copy of Brienne approaching max with 5/8 special (this was way before they increased the odds at max), that I have 3 other duplicate copies of Brienne, do I feed all 3 for a 75% chance or one at a time for a 25% each and possibly get more than 1 special level up?

I chose the latter and it is the same 5/8 Brienne (with a few more XP and level ups)…. Oh well, the past is the past.

This newer update really benefited the newer player base for sure.