Best way to emblem Costume Azlar?

Hello. Got his costume. I’m ready to remove all my Barbarian Emblems from Miki and set them all on Azlar since I don’t own any other Barbarian (except for Gretel and Grimm).

Costume Azlar is a Paladin so it got me worried. Shoud I boost his defence since he’s a Paladin or should I boost his attack even more?

I’m pretty sure I won’t use the common/no costume Azlar, so I kinda don’t care what’s going to happen to him but i’m a lot excited for the costume.

Thank you.

I would go def/life path, with sprinkles of attack here and there. Just to make him sturdier and make him have more chances to shoot

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you might use the no costumed azlar on titans for higher attack. I suggest pursuing the attack route to maximize his damage + dot damage. He might be a paladin but he isnt going to be your tank.

thankfully the mana node seems to be in the same spot for both classes.

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Thanks guys. Guess I’ll make it half def half atk to make him more solid then.

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