Best war defense recognition

Having a solid war defense is also a crucial part to winning a war and its fun to watch an enemy have to waste 5 flags to take you down. Those 5 flags could have gained more points for their team if they beat you quicker.

At the end of the war, it shows the top offensive player on both teams - what would y’all think about a 3rd spot on that final war screen with a top defensive team highlight. I don’t know what the defense score could be, but maybe there is an equation formed to show the best connection between number of war points the enemy took from you and the amount of flags used.

Idk how the best war defense would be recognized

I’m not against it

But if strongest offense teams are being used for the highest tp defenses and 1 shotting them while weaker defenses take more flags due to opponent’s lack of depth, which would really be considered “best war defense” in that scenario? The defense that ate the most flags or the defense(s) that drained the most depth?


When I used to do war stats for an alliance, defence was guaged on points per flag. I.e. the number of points their defence leaked divide by the number of flags used to get those points.

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