Best war defence with healing field aid

Hi guys

Cant set my mind on the right defence…

Help and comments will be welcome

This indicates that you only have seven viable heroes to use. I hope that isn’t actually the case

Justice is a viable tank, but not current level (possibly when at 3/70). Based on what I can see I’d probably go the palindrome defense of maybe:

Frida Melendor BT Hansel Magni

Not great having Magni in a corner, but the colour positioning is strong

Perhaps you could tell us other heroes you have so we can give you a good current and future defense. I wouldn’t be too focused on your defense right now, more selecting the right heroes to promote and train

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In our alliance i set the general tank to be red so unless i replace bt with khagan or anzogh he will be the tank. Also I try to have wide range of heroes so i can be effective on wars(usually i am in top 4 of our team. Our leader is 2200 cups and 3650 power defence team)

I do need a plan to win me the upcoming and event and last thing is i got 4 warm cape and wonder who will go to third tier. Frida or magni

This is my roster. Also in our alliance we have 5 6 stars titans and usually i am from the first four or even the first

I’d recommend to max some good epics before you spend mats to your legends.

Hansel, Proteus, Boldtusk, Kelile Jackal, Kiril, Melendor, Gormek, Kashhrek, Li, Cyprian, Colen, Little John, Caedmon, Chao…

I’d priorize them over your legends. Otherwise you possibly stuck for a long time with many good heroes, but none maxed.

Per 4 epics you can work on one legend, too.

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I hear you but i think i have few 4 all the way
Hansel. Bt. Wu kong. Rigard(ot tibertrus?). I will take them to max

I already have 2 rings and darts

So i think 4 solid rainbow 4 stars(maybe more? The best like Proteus and melendor) heros and few 3 tier 5 and lots of 2 level 5 stars will help me win wars titans and hopefully with some gems and money i will get where i want

I just cant understand why acsend from scratch caedmon kashareck lite John when i already have hansle melendor and elkhanan

I think it will be lots of energy ans mats for heroes i that i already have their place

That is my thinkibg. The problem with me is i never reached maxed hero yet so i dont even know why its so important to have…

Do you think i have a good plan or i am of the way?..

You’re able to max 2 epics or 1 legend with the same mats. 3* mats will be the limiting factor and epics don’t need 4* mats at all.

Which heroes do you use most often? That are the right ones to support with mats and feeders.

Hansel wins every time…wu kong. Wilbur is new but good.same is jackal. Frida and magni are amazing together and i want to acsend at least one of them . justice i use and he is at 3 tier becuase the blindness is good even better than maragert dodging bu he is slow…

Bt of course. Rigard or melendor as second healer. Biril and Tibertrus not so much

Khagan and elkhanan(fast is fun beu he doesn’t have edge at this level) for titans or 4 1 raids

All the rest i got too late so it will take lots of time and xp to take Proteus up for example. Not to speak about the medicore 4

I think…

Not at all. You should be working towards Titan scores with your 4*s first.

Red Finish BT, Wibur, Scarlett and Colen
Blue…you don’t have much. Work on Kiril and take Frida to 3/70…find more blues.
Yellow Finish Wu, Jackal, Chao and Li
Green Finish Hansel, Melendor, Caed…if you need a tank Kash
Dark Finish Rigard, Tibs, Proteus and Sabina

Then look at your 5*s (Frida is an exception due to her Titan goodness)

Little but confused with all the advice but i just finished Avalon epic. And legendery i am at level six.

The only hero really seemed needed is 4 4 level hansel and wu kong. all of the rest that i have are good supporting them but their skills are what really the essence of finishing mibs and boses

By trying to level all your 5s before your 4s you are making yourself weaker.

You also mentioned leveling 5s to level 2 for help in wars. A 5 at level 2 is weaker than a 3.

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