Best value Summon x 10 - Improvement

Hi all, I could not find better place to post this, since I want it not to be just a rant (it is, but…), but a suggestion for the future.

I have saved and buyed gems for months (because I do not want this to be a hundreds euros game, but just a pastime) in order to get to a Summon x 10, and today, with gems offers, ally wars and Event call, I finally had a try.

Well. 10 three stars and did not get the monthly special either.

Useless to say I will not buy a single gem for a long long time from now xD

I would suggest to developers to change the probabilities balance in Summon x 10 and add at least a “one epic guaranteed” feature, or reactions will be pretty the same for many, I am afraid. Nobody likes to throw their money away.

I agree with this, to spend $30 and to get 9 rare and one epic is pointless and not worth me spending anymore money

Yes i agree . I am a 50 year old male . I spent 100 Australin dollers to buy gems to do the speciel summons .so 10 summons you think you get a lest one 5 star hero , but no i got may be two 4 stars and the rest three starts and not even the monthly free spin . That to me is not right .the balance is out . Same i spent to get the up grade items and not one droped that i need . This needs to be looked in too please . Edward

That won’t EVER happen, but i have a better idea that might get a looked at and thought about for more then 5 seconds before it hits the trash bins.

After summoning, lets say 30 rolls on Legendary you are guaranteed a random Legendary on your 31st roll. ALL rolls count as long as it was a legendary roll towards your 30. Quite a few games i have played incorporate this sorta strategy and it works great at keeping the whales and the ftp players happy.

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