Best value for money - FTP

Hey everyone, I’m a FTP, been playing for years, and have been saving google money from a survey app for close to a year now. Ive saved roughly $15.

What is the best value for my money, I need summons rather than mats. Top priority would be summons.

Was considering PoV, but also heard the VIP deals can be good too. Just curious what your thoughts are?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Microtransactions Cost Comparison and Summon Odds

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VIP 900 Gems if pick them all. You may also take a cheap offer.

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VIP and cheap offers (U$S 2) during Atlantis and Valhalla are the best. I bought those many times back when I spent. Then turned very C2P and finally F2P, not even POV.


Gaurdians teltoc save everything till then

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