Best value(cut spending)summons?

I now basically only spend $15, I think quarterly, for a summon bonanza which gives multiple summon portals with 300tokens each. In this way I still feel like I might get a lucky draw and the game won’t feel stale or waste of time and money.

Since most everyone is on this jalopy with me what options, offers or methods is being used for the best value in returned investment?

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If you only spend 15$ at times you can take Path of Valor and summon with its coins, use gems for extra hero storage and no-S1 portals as Challenge Festival and Black Friday-like portals

You can only take one path in POA for 28days(monthly)?

POA would payout a month and require grinding.
8x summons, 3portals
3x seasonal summons
Cost $9

6x summons, 2portals
Cost $20

There several bonanza deals but one I mention I think is 30summons in 3month appearance intervals(will have confirm). So maybe POA would be 2250gems, 24 summons in 3 fixed portals and 9x seasonals in 3months but COST is $30.

Edit: at work will work out some more avg in a bit… :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the covenant portal is the best place for limited pulls. They have offers in the web store where you can get $1 a pull in $5 increments. The odds for featured heroes are 1.6% and usually all featured heroes are really good with a couple top tier ones. When it comes to featured heroes it is best portal for quality. The non-featured heroes are pretty much useless but all portals have their filler heroes.

If you are on a budget there is no reason to spend more than $1 a pull with all the offers out there. The gem only portals are not very budget friendly. You get more pulls for your $$$ buying coin offers instead. The Black Friday and Solstice portal may look good on the surface with better odds but the lack of costumes and the amount of filler heroes plus the fact you are usually spending at least $1.5-$2 a pull makes them less likely to pull something good for the $$$ spent.


My issue is definitely lack of costumes. For example I have all good Midgard and Atlantis heroes but no costumes. Wish they put all costumes in costume portal…

Edited:. Following bonanza is 18 summons…

Yes avoid these two at all costs!

Not to mention the cries about some people’s perception that it’s a 50% chance to get a legendary instead of a 50% increase of an already sh**e odds :rofl:


:joy: yep!

But seriously, the portal is a sick joke

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Yeah 50% doesn’t cut it. Did you notice that for that 50% boost they reduce a few other percentages? All summon odds excluding hotm equal 100%… :thinking:

My current approach is Costumes portal alwith only deals of $1 per summon and CF where I do a 10x pull for 2600 gems.

Costumes portal improves my 4s usage and the CC bonus is decent. Some of its 5 CC are quite good as well.

CF1 has some nice heroes and their costums just got a decent buff.

Not sure if this the most budget friendly approach but its working for me.