Best use of recruits/allied resources for FTP

OK, so I’ve got 4 TC20s going so as to provide maximum possible souls to exchange and my HA10 has been productively going strong for quite some time.

However, I now have a problem both with the TC20s:
and with HA6

I’ve got some food stored:

and have sufficient rugged clothes for 1585 minutes of 1* feeder-producing, TC19 action.

What do I do next?

I’m considering dropping both TC6 and TC20 for the faster troop producing/faster recruit consuming TC2 and TC4.

I’d need to at least temporarily stop the TC20 so as to enable a handover from TC6 to another troop-producing level.

I’ve recently been upgrading my advanced farms but am wondering whether I should now turn my attention to the upgrading of mines.

My barracks is still at level 7 but, with food in short supply, my 4* troops are still at levels 11-13 (but at least that’s sufficient for rush attack wars). I’ve still got pages of feeder troops to use up.

How should I make the best of the situation?

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I may just do a bit of TC19 so as to free up sufficient sharpening stones to keep TC20s going without losing surplus recruits.

I’m also not far off having an HA slot free


I could swap for a while to something like HA3.

I only farm 1 x TC20 but often switch this to TC11
I have 2 x dedicated TC11
And I have 1 x TC that I switch between TC11 and TC2 depending on supply of backpacks…

Keep on top of both your iron store and food store. Max those out before mines and windmills

Whatever you choose to do, good luck


As I’m playing FTP I’m thinking to keep as much production from TC20s/HA10 as I can.

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Good news is you don’t need 100 days worth of storage. That will slightly help.
I’m intrigued how you’re so low on mats. I took a quick look and see 14K sharpening stones for me. Are you using all of your world energy?

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This was my thought too. I have just under 4k stones and over 1k boots. Be sure you hit Atlantis Rising hard when it comes around (I use all my loot tickets and quite a few WE flasks at that time). I don’t use all my WE the rest of the month, but those few days carry me.


I dont read all your post, but i like you i am f2p and have 4 tc20 and ha10. I store my food to 1 tc20 and my iron to HA4(train 2star troop). If i need rush to level up hero, i change other 3 tc20 become tc2. Next i stop my HA10 and train 2star with HA3. and when i need one last 5star, my HA10 stopped and start train trainer hero. My labs run 9a, 9b, 8b.

Thanks guys, I was quick to upgrade my advanced house to 9 then 10 and I’ve been filling my enemies’ chest from season 1, 3-2/3-3 which are good for speed, recruits and feeders but don’t directly tend to give sharpening stones. Maybe I need to target more to S1/p10, s2/p5, s3/p3, s4/p4 and s5/p1 for the stones. I’ve far from made it a priority to progress in xp/levels and had just been going for low-level easy targets.

I’ve also made some liberal use of HA7 to generate trainer heroes with … 5 * sharpening stones per 9 hour pop (which now seems to have been rash).

Right now I’m just looking to spare wasting the recruits. (These guys give their lives :'| ).


IMO feeding from TC19 consumes large amounts of ham.

My goal is having a decent 5* roster ( in progress, 50 maxed 5* and improving) and at least 29-23-23 mana generating troops in every color.

At the moment I have 23-18-17-11-5 mana generating troops ( mana, magic and/or cyclops) in every color.
I have two TC20 running without pause.
One TC11 with a queue of some 35 days and another TC11 running at lvel two (TC2).
Baracks are maxed. In HA I use HA6 (3* troops) and HA10. If I have a promising 5* to „power level“, I wait for the Legendary training to end and switch to HA3 to produce 2* feeder heroes.
Ham and recruits can be stored in TC20, additional ham in any slow Alchemy lab queue.
At the moment I stopoed HA10, waiting for SE. Producing additional 2* feeder troops. After mmsxing every builfing except teo mines (A5 and A8) and the two TC11, there is always more than enough iton, so no need to level mines fiurther. The ham is better used to kevel troops. That costs 100 of millions…

Happy gaming

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Thank you, My goal is also having a decent 5* roster.

I’ve been thinking of prioritising having 4*TC20s as the best way get souls to exchange but may not have made best progress with the heroes I’ve got.

I’ve 12 non-season 1 5*s and only 6 are fully leveled. 12 is probably low as I’ve been over-cautious waiting for preferential seasonal pulls (at times with preferential HotMs) to go for (I’ve still got 78 epic hero tokens waiting to be used).

However, I don’t have a yellow 5* to work on and have almost finished leveling my last red but, all the same, maybe I need to get more into some non-same colour feeding.

But, for now, I’ve got food in TC20s and alchemy lab so some TC19 and HA1&3 generation is immediately on the cards.

If I want to level a 5*. I give all on color 1* and every 2* and trainer hero I get on this 5*. If I gave the heroes and the 4* ascension mars, I level 3 5^ in two months. If I use HA3 too for feeder production it can be done in a few days if enough food is stored.

But do nit ignore the troops, lvl17 and lvl23 troops can have a big impact!

Happy gaming

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OK, I’m convinced. I’ll still do a bit of TC19/HA3 to free mats for TC20s but will drop one of them if they become difficult to manage.

My next building upgrade with be to barracks 8 and then, after getting some lv17 troops, barracks 9. My advanced farms are currently leveled 6,6,3^ but maybe I’d better work on cutting food consumption rather than improving food acquisition. I’m hitting raids regularly but making use of recruits can be a food expensive business =D

Can anyone please advise on how many troop feeders it would take to level 4 stars to lev 17…, point to xp required charts, give any other recommendations?

My current feeder stock (across all colours is around):
30 3 stars, 210 2 stars, 170 1stars.
I’ve previously had more attention on crafting than on troops.
I’ll also get HA4 going (after swapping from resourse-deprived HA6) so I’ll have more 2 star troops on supply (while helping me make valued use of my recruits glut).

Level only Mana troops !

I marked them in yellow.
I simulated bringing a lvl11 to 16:

9400 experience plus 300 missing is 9700.

From 16 to 17 needs 2450:

So lets add it up:

To bring a lvl. 11 troop to lvl.17 costs short of 12200 experience.

From lvl.11 to lvl.13 you need 3500 expetience,

so using your lvl. 13 troop costs you „only“ some 8700 experience to get to lvl. 17.

Happy levelling

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As far as I’m aware, training 2* feeder troops is much more lucrative in the long run (especially for a F2P) and there is also almost no way to run out of the materials needed for training them (Arcane scrolls) unlike the 3* troop training.

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3* troops is more food efficient, food is the limit for everything. If you have enough, produce 2* and 3* troops in HA, thats what I do at the moment, my goal is to get my set of rainbow magic troops ( in blue Its a Styxtroop) to lvl29/27 (Styx) till the end of the year.

Happy gaming

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Gimliv, Thanks for the tip to pile in with tests and it seems I’m approaching capacity to get one 4 star troop to level 17.

In that last case, I’ve got 630 worth of feeders for the last 2325 xp stretch once I’ve upgraded to barracks 8.
For now, I’ll keep on with the upgrading of farms. =D

The troops where I’ve got most 4 stars are purples where I recently got a, perhaps aptly named, Wayward Wizard.
Would it be worth holding on to feeders to upgrade him or should I stick with my ladies?

I would first bring your lvl.13 troop to 17, then you can level the wizard troop to 11 or 17.
Most players go for 3/2 in wars or raids, but sometimes its good to use 4/1 or mono, so nothing wrong with having four troops above lvl.5.
I have five troops in every color for that reason.

Happy gaming

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I think that, for now, I will be best off using my two Hero Academy slots with levels 4 and 6.

I’m reluctant to drop HA10 but the lower levels will help bring in the feeders needed to get my mana troops to level 17 and use up recruits fast enough to, hopefully allow me to reduce my 300+ day total queue on my four TC20s and release a lot of food.

I’ll also get a stock of sharpening stones back.
I’ll also hopefully reduce my queue for HA6 (while building the HA4 queue).
This will allow me to immediately haul back on some of my HA6 queued materials and I’ll get some more back when I swap HA6 possibly to HA2 and eventually to HA10.
That’s the plan =D