Best Use of Gravemaker

Hey y’all! I’m late to the Gravemaker party- I drew two copies at the last Atlantis gate. Once he’s at full ascension with emblems, I’m not sure how best to use him. I see both tank or flank, but that can depend on team synergy. Can anyone take a look at the possible defenses below and advise me? Ideally, if I get enough mats for the second Gravy, I’ll run both flank to Ariel tank. But that’s a long ways off…

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Ur mana troop I heard need to be 11 to do a quick rapid fire. That’s the breaking point. If not use him on flank… I’m not a big fan when going against him if he is flank.
I would go ariel go flank with gm

Gratz on the GM (well getting 2 ! ) ha. I also got mine a couple weeks ago and have him maxed at tier 7. I use an Aegir tank so currently running GM on right flank with ZIM on left wing which works well. I also have Ariel on 3.70 (1 more scope !! cmann!! ) and once maxed with emblems I will prob also trial her as tank. Play around with it but GM being so versatile we can really play any position.

Personally I like your first option of Ontatel tank with GM flank.

I would go with 2nd one BUT I would swap Ariel and Gravy

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2nd one but switch Ariel with Morgan

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