Best Titan Team from What I Have?

These are all my TC13 heroes + Merlin, and the five strongest heroes + troops puts me @ 2700…but I know that’s not necessarily the best team to help my Alliance with Titans.

I would so appreciate any thoughts & help. By the way, I’m willing to level-up any of these, so don’t be shy about picking them even if they’re low right now.

On the other hand, 3/60 is as high as any of the 4* heroes can be taken…I have only one pair of Fine Gloves in 3 months of playing & not sure who, if any of them, is worth spending them on!

There’s not one particular best team for titans, but key heroes you have there are definitely


4* everyone

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I will assume all 4* are at 3/60 and all 3* are maxed when giving this advice.

Brienne and either ulmer or valen should go in every titan. What I would do by color:

yellow: Brienne, ulmer/valen, Merlin, Rigard, Balthazar
purple: Brienne, ulmer/valen, Bane, Kelile, Kiril
Red: Brienne, ulmer, valen, kiril, Merlin
Blue: Briene, Ulmer/valen, Kassrek, berden
green: brienne, ulmer/valne, kelile, nashgar, azar

EDIT: out of your four-star heroes that you do have, i’d ascend Kiril and merlin first. Probably Kiril.


Wow, thank you for such detailed advice, Dante! I’ve read about using different teams & doubling-up on colors and wanted to work toward that, so your list is perfect!

Ironically, I also got a Warm Cape today from Tier VI loot, and can start leveling Kiril (my favorite art…he makes me smile) to 4/70, so thanks for that added tip!

Once I do all the needed leveling, I’ll ask about raid attack/defense in a few weeks. I know if I ever hope to even see a 7* or higher, I need to do more raiding…whimper…


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@Dante2377 : Had to tell you that due to your advice, I have doubled my Titan damage & am usually in the top 10 in my Alliance now, occasionally in the top 5 when the heaviest hitters aren’t using all of their own hits…and I’m doing all that with a “weak” 3 & 4 star, 2590-something team compared to other people’s 4 & 5 star dream teams. It’s been a pleasure to feel like I’m really contributing, so thank you again! :smile:


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