Best titan loot ever

I always read complains about how SG is so cheap when it comes to loot. Well, that is not always so… I’m sure many of you have gotten, at least once, an unexpected and incredibly rich loot, either from a mystic vision, chest or titan battle… I think posting some pics of your best titan (or otherwise) loot might bring up the morale and hopes of those who still wait for that loot payday. If you don’t have a pic, please share in writing, mentioning details like source of the loot, level of titan, performance score, etc…

Here is mine, so far :slight_smile:


At Loot Tier VII that is amazing!

Agree that we should be celebrating the wins as much as lamenting the losses

It is indeed, but I think we’re comparing apples and oranges as far as Titans go. Generally complaints about titan loot pertain to much higher level titans which can require a lot of consumables :wink:


That’s my top loot


That x2 … :rofl: impressive.

My best

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This was my best loot ever!

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Old thread but i didn’t want to start a new one with the same topic. Anyway, got this earlier today. Certainly the best i have ever gotten.


Wow! Congrats!:tada:

Don’t think I’ve ever seen 3 4* mats from a titan before. :+1:


Wow. Wtg,
RNG is fickle, but that’s a nice tickle.

That’s a snapshot of one time I got x2 4* ascension mats. it’s happened probably 5-6 times, but I go through and delete old screens every month or two.