Best titan lineups

so I guess Im lucky that I rolled some universal heroes and I really wonder which setups are best towards each titan color.
So I myself made following groups:
green titan:
dark titan:
BT, ATHENE, JACKAL, FONG, WU - here I think to switch Fong with Joon when I level him up
light titan:
red titan"
KIRIL, GRIMM, ATHENE, KHIONA, WU - here Grimm is redundant with Athene, I think to switch him for better blue if I ever roll one, I wish I had King Arthur, maybe tommorow my luck will smile :smiley:
blue titan
WILBUR, ATHENE, KHIONA, CAEDMON, WU - leveling Evelyn, will replace Khiona.

My bigest concers are which one to take - Wilbur or Boldtusk or is Athene so good on even green titans if i have Wilbur which also debuffs? What can I adjust?

GZ, you have very great heroes: those are the best combinations but you could replace some of that and still have very good results. Worry not about stacking Wilbur and Athena, you should just remember to fire her after Wilbur’s special :slight_smile:





vs RED, bring Banner


How do you get away with no healer on the Wilbur/Wu teams? I’m trying to figure this out myself. Currently fighting 8s.

With a x225 and x100 potions mix and elemental link’s regeneration.
I don’t own every listed hero but it works just fine.

Also, Khiona and Evelyn has a linked elemental Heal, Aegir heals from tile damage (which is high against titans), and he’s often packing Boldtusk or Tarlak.

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I really love these team set ups more.

Only thing is I’d bring Tarlak instead of WuKong to holy titans.

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Nah, Khiona + Wu Kong + Wilbur combo is just too good to pass on :stuck_out_tongue:


vs yellow: GP and Hel are great, maybe someday I’ll get em

vs green: Gravemaker - waiting for him on Atlantis :smiley:

vs Blue: I got Gadeirus but I havent lvl him yet. also I get Buddy - he will be great

vs Red - Have Aegir, im considering leveling. Wilbur here is not crucial IMHO

also no luck with Tarlak but I dont despair, Wu Kong is doing his job

I rarely bring Wu Kong against 12* titans. He gets one-shotted too often, and if he lives to cast, then he makes me miss stuns, leading to fatalities. For me, Tarlak has largely replaced him except against purple.

I have better especially against green titan : wukong+ wilbur+ ares+ scarlett + any healer

But yeah against yellow, i use definitely wukong + wilbur + khiona, + tiburtus + healer.

Against blue… Wu + joon + wilbur + khiona + melendor i have a big lack of greens

Against purple : wu + joon + wilbur + ares + healer

Against red : wu + sonya + khiona + kiril + wilbur lack attack blues.

Any team updates for july 2020 ? :slight_smile:

Yes ! You could use Ranvir instead of Wu. And you have some heroes with costume who are great on titan (Like Kiril)

Looks good. I’d go tarlak over wu for yellow titans however

Att boosters:
Miki vs red, purple & yellow
Black Knight
cBrienne if you don’t have Tarlak
Ratatoskr to buff green tiles

Def downies:
White Rabbit
Cheshire Cat

Elemental def downies:

I’ve long since moved away from using attack boost buffer if they aren’t strong color opting for bear banner instead to run 4 strong color + Wu or Gazelle.

Assuming all strong color heros have 700 attack, 3 + attack buff off color is 2100 attack on strong color while 4 is 2800. Add 50% attack buff and 25% attack buff respectively and you’re at 3150 and 3500 strong color attack. With the fact that strong color is attacking with an additional defense debuff up, I’d rather pump all attack into the strong color. I will trot newly acquired Ares out on my next red titan to test instead of Kiril since he’s got the big crit buff too and I don’t have a blue defense down hero. ymmv.

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