Best Three-Star Heros For Monthly Challenge

Now that I have three TC-13s up and running I am feeling inclined to take a shot at the monthly challenge in the low tier level. I was just wondering which heros you would recommend on a good three-star team? (Without knowing specifics of the next event.)

Well in order to compete properly you have to clear the stages fast, and in relatively high health (but if you kill everything fast then they wont hit you :wink: )
So what I think is the best way to go:

1xBuffer: Brienne.
1xHealer: Hawkmoon or Belith
1xDefence debuff: Valen, maybe Ulmer.
2xHitters: Balthazar, Bane, Nashgar, Berden, Azar, there’s lot’s of option.

You also want to optimise a little, mainly for the end boss. Double or maybe even triple up on the strong color/colors. Also the reflect color affects naturally.

That’s my five cents, hopefully it helps (and I’m not entirely wrong) :slight_smile:

If you lack Brienne as the buffer, like me, Gunnar or Kailani with Spirit Link are a big help to improve survivability and the odds of event completion.


Brienne and Spirit Link together are awesome BTW. Whenever anyone gets hit the whole team gets that power up bonus.


While everything said here is good advice, don’t be shy about using the reflect color if it makes the most sense for a level, just mind the health. It’s uncommon to see an entire field of reflect colors (read: not impossible, but improbable). Last pirates event I brought a yellow(s) into battles featuring panther to eliminate her fast as she can create havoc with her special and fast mana (which is even faster as an event boss).

Also - don’t forget to consider a debuffer for enemy buffs (like the bosses may bring) - Tyrum & Belith are an example of these types.

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I am not familiar with the term “reflect color.”

In the events there is one color that is reflected, for example last event was blue reflect.
That means that if you hit that color enemies with that color damage(Tiles or special) it get’s reflected back to your hero. Also the status/other effect of the special gets reflected

For example:
Like said the last event had blue reflect. So if you hit Arthur (Blue boss), with Valen’s special (Blue hero), that special would hit Valen instead of Arthur. Same with tiles, if your blue tiles were to hit Arthur, only Valen would take damage.

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