Best team to take for final legendary pirates battle

Here it is guys . Would like to get thoughts before I venture down that road . I am at stage 15. But have been hearing a lot of struggles with .


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From the heroes you have, I would go 3-1-1 and orient them as follows:

Wilbur, Ranvir, Li Xiu, Evelyn, Jackal.

Your main obstacle is going to be Lady Locke, so you are going to want to take her out first, imo.

If you can keep Evelyn alive, Marie won’t be a problem.

Your main focus on this is going to be tile damage, but make sure to fire Ranvir LAST, after Wilbur especially.

Li Xiu is really just for mana control, but if you have another, stronger yellow (one that maybe I missed) that can do a better job at deal damage… use that hero.

Items to consider:

Arrows to blind
Dragon bombs to burn
Mana potions
Banners (Dragon ideally)

Avoid taking BLUE and PURPLE!

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Is there a reflect on blue as well?

There is not a reflect on blue, but it will be weak or neutral to all bosses.

I would bring either a red stack or a yellow stack, or a 3-2 mix.

Wilbur, Scarlett, Jackal, Li Xiu, Ranvir

That team should work very well. Bring Timestops to keep Marie’s skill from going off, and take advantage of Ranvir + Wilbur to KO her as quickly as possible. I brought tornadoes too for charging special skills when I needed them.

Since you’re lacking a healer, it also wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring healing potions, or alternatively bring a healer instead of Scarlett.

I’d also recommend basic antidotes against these bosses, as the DoT from Locke is quite powerful, and the healing reduction from Sargasso prevents your team from staying healthy.

EDIT: This was my team. No Falcon or Jackal, but I still came out alright. Only used 1 Timestop, 2 Tornadoes, 1 bomb (to clear the earlier enemy wave) and 3 antidotes.

My Legendary team

I used a 3-2 for rare, epic and got through legend the second time with no continues with a 4-1 BT, Mitsuko, Gormek, Scarlett, Melendor. Time stops are a huge help as is the debuff. I wish I had Wilbur but he eludes me. I have the other good ones from S2 but he is still hiding. You have the heroes just go at it. It should be possible with your bench. Good luck.

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I used Alby, John, Onatel, Wilbur, and Azlar. If I had your roster:

Jackal, Li Xiu, John, Ranvir, and Wilbur. Bring Mana pots/tornado, antidotes, time stop and healing. Lady Locke’s special can be wiped with a single antidote. With smart play to Mana control the side (fire Wilbur and then everyone else as needed) and yellow tiles, you should have no issue here with that team.

Thank everyone. Wasn’t that bad. Used LJ,Wilbur ,Scarlett,Mel & ran. Used a couple Time stops,bombs,and antidotes. With afew mana pods. Mana control was the key and thought LJ -64 mana control was key


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