Best TC20 Collection to date

I have had decent luck with TC20, much better than with summons. Only have Joon and Mitsuko from pulls. But from TC20 I have run 3 at a time and collected them in groups after about getting 20 or so in singles that were all 3 or 4*.
So far I pulled Khagan, Elena, Vivica in the first 30x collection.
Next was Obakan, Domitia, Magni in the next group. Obakan and Domitia were back to back.
My last collection was the first where I only got 2 5* Richard, Justice. Still no green hoping for Lianna and Elkanen so I could use cleric emblems(if not I guess Rigard will get them once I level him since I recently got him).
The first TC20 had Isarnia and Elkanen back to back then Lianna at 6.
That gives a drop rate of 6.5% for 11 of 170 5*. Well above the general amount of 5%. I have to find my complete list to figure the 4* rate but since i have all of them it is really the 5* rate I care about. . Unfortuantely the luck didn’t continue as the other 2 TC20 gave no 5*. Isarnia, Elkanen and LIANNA!!!. For 170 pulls I have 11 5* from tc20 and luckily mostly great ones. I would like Sartana, Leo, Elkanen, Marjana and Azlar(if he pops up).
Below is a shot of the results for posterity.


Seems like a good candidate for ridiculous bragging thread.


I already did that in my alliance…LOL. I have been waiting for Lianna for a long time. I had 0 greens from TC20. I was really hoping for her and Elkanen since I will definetly use her and I have enough for 2 greens to max plus Elk is a cleric and seems to me the best after Lianna. When I saw Isarnia then Kadilen I was over the Moon but a few more and Boom there she was. I was so happy that I really didn’t care that the next 24 were literally 0 5*. I still came out ahead at 170 and that individual collection is really great.
5 - 3,10%
4 - 7, 23%
3 - 20, 67%
The odds of getting the actual one you are after are low let alone not getting dupes or ones I would rather not have. So far I have been lucky with that. I have the best yellow, Joon(from an epic summon), Vivica plus Justice and I think Leo is useful too just he’s no Joon. Blue I am really happy with Magni then I got Richard who is a war hero I guess but Isarnia is very useful. Purple I still was Sartana but I am thrilled with Domitia and will maybe level Obakan one day. Khagan and Elena were going to get leveled to 4.80 and 3.70 but the day I was going to give Khagan rings I got Mitsuko the 2nd of 2 Atlantis pulls.
My odds go down now as I can get dupes and ones I don’t want but I always say a 5* I don’t use is better than a 4 or 3 that I don’t use…LOL. HOpefully I can trade them in to the hero academy.
Also, I guess that last part seems like bragging too but its not, its just info for those who think TC20 is unfair.

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