Best tanks and defensive strategy on Very Fast Weekly Raid Tournaments

Hi everyone! I was trying to figure it out who are the best heroes for tank position and I would like to open an small debate:

  • Kashrek: I think will be overkill. Healing + protection to fire, I think there is not enough fire snipers in 4* able to instant kill him, especially when pairing him with Rigard. In this scenario I think one of the most effective strategies on offense is to bring a dispeller and then shoot everything on him (it will take a while)
  • Kiril: Is ok if you can kill him before he fires his special, if not, the offense and defense buff will be a real pain… His weak point I think is the same as Kashrek: dispellers. And also, Kiril is less durable than Kashrek in terms on defense+health.
  • Buddy: This is a real mistery to me. Buddy is really tanky and minions can not be dispelled. With very fast he can build an strong army of minions in no time. If you pair him with Rigard to prevent debuffs, he will be very difficult to kill.

And in terms of defensive strategy what do you think about the flanks? Should a rainbow team be better here than flanking them with 2 heroes of the strong opposite color? For example, flank Kiril with 2 Gormek’s can be crazy. Or Kashrek with 2 Grimms.

Also in terms of defense I think the main must is Rigard to help you deal with Colen, LJ and Hu Tao


I wonder if there is now some confusion with the title of the new thread youve renamed for individual team help. It looks likes it’s just for helping wenno ?

Should the title be changed and @RandAlThor post be merged?

@princess1 It looks like @RandAlThor intends this to be a general discussion about tanks and defensive strategy for Rush Attack teams, not just about their own team.

A similar discussion is taking place in the master thread, so I’ll see if this thread develops a following in the next bit, and if not, will merge it to the master where it will very likely get responses quickly.

I like the title of this one because it’s specific to this tournament.

So is the master thread — it’s only about this first Raid Tournament.

I’m making a separate thread in #player-guides to be more long-lasting, and intend to make new threads weekly like I do for Class Trials.


This thread has gone a couple hours without any responses, and the master thread has been getting lots of replies, so I’m moving the top post over there in hopes of sparking responses to @RandAlThor’s post.

Please see:

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