Best tank when most members are fielding green

17/20 of our alliance’s war participants are fielding green tanks and, of the other 3, I was wondering about this situation. The ball has been put in the member’s court to work things out but other views would still be appreciated whether the Krampus or the Elkenen would be better for the alliance as a whole?

@Gerg … It depends on the players total roster.
Not sure if they are playing the two partially levelled 5* heroes because they think they are their strongest.
We would need to know what “other” green 4* heroes they had and what level those heroes are.


lol, of course all this might be moot as player x was last active days ago. :rofl:
Having just looked at this he also has Hu Tao (who is also used as the player’s avatar) who is stronger than the Bane but hasn’t automatically been added to war defense.
It may be academic but Anchor rates Krampus as an A+ tank and Elkenen as a B+ but with the Elkenen in this case benefitting from some additional levels. I’m partly asking at this stage just out of curiousity.

I think at this level of play, having Krampus as tank (even as off-colour) will be more beneficial.
The opponents may not have benches deep enough to effectively counter.

They should also prioritise levelling Krampus. Not just blue, all colours.

Perhaps this is what I don’t understand. I would have thought that, if benches are not deep, opposing teams would be even more vulnerable to running out of a colour like red when trying to crack green tanks. I don’t understand why a colour matching principle wouldn’t always apply.
Our war defence teams range in power from the high 4000s to the low 3000s.

Have a read if them.

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Awesome, I’ll get to reading,
Another of our teams is here:

. with both Telluria and Ursena as top-rated tanks.
But I’d have thought that the Telluria would fit best in an alliance with green tanks.

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@Gerg …In my honest opinion, for an alliance running with an agreed green tank …Telluria would be best.
Do you have Line or Discord

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Cool, I’ve got discord and have set up a channel which could be happily left open for use. Discord.
I’ve also got a landline but the discord may work for me better.

Personally I would go with Elkannen… (I use one on my raid defence). The point I want to make however is that matched colour tanks is a well proven strategy. Think of it as WW1 tool. A battle of attrition, the deepest roster wins mostly imo.

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@Gerg …send me an invite on Discord to JGE#8681


I tried this way but didn’t work