Best Tank out of these 3

Azlar, Onatel or Ma North?
Knowing that a have Joon and Sartana maxed out so whoever isnt tank is flank. Thank you.

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Onatel. Azlar slow and squishy. Ma North resurrection is wasted when she dies first, as tanks almost always do.

I don’t find any of them frightening at tank. Even if she goes off once Onatel usually dies to tile damage soon after which removes her mana drain. But she is probably the best tank in your listed heroes


Mother North should always be wing, imo. Azlar is scary as tank but he’s a bit squishy.

Onatel is pretty sturdy, same defense stat as Kunchen. Sometimes the AI will mess with her mana stealing special but I think she’d be a better tank than Azlar or MN.

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Out of those…Azlar. Onatel is pathetic defensively and MN is best served on wing.

Onatel and it’s not even close… Azlar is slow and squishy and Mother north should be on the wing.


Onatel. She’s a killer in the middle

This is sooo wrong it’s almost right. But it’s not. It’s still wrong.

Azlar at tank is a wonderful day for me. He’s slow and dies to 3 tiles easily.

Mother North does belong on the left wing and only on the left wing.

So the choice is Onatel. Azlar should be right wing and your two snipers on the flanks


Azlar isn’t great, but he IS the best choice out of those three in my opinion. Onatel does nothing…weak damage and is easily dispelled by turn 3 of her buff. I breeze though Onatel tanks. Azlar can really hurt me on a bad board. Onatel, not so much.

If you already have Joon and Sartana I’d strongly consider tanking Sartana and flanking with Joon and Mother North.

Sartana has high enough defense that she can do the job and her special punishes the attacker.

Eventually you’ll get a better tank option but with MN Sartana and Joon you’ve got the makings of a great rainbow defence

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In my honest opinion it has to be Onatel 100%

I’d also recommend Onatel out of the three. Her special is not overwhelming when in defense. But her defense and health are high. So she’ll be more of a meat shield.
But if you have some emblems for her and can flank her with 2 purples, it’s a legit set up.
Currently using Onatel as tank, flanked by Kage and Khiona. Keeps me at 2600 cups over night.

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if i were u i d try the following lineup from left to right: mn-joon-sartana-onatel-azlar… onatel is an ok tank but i find her useful while she is flanking rather than being tank. if u have blue 5 star and want a rainbow defense this may change of course. good luck!

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I’m not sure where everyone else is who’s recommending tanks other than Onatel from your list, however I sit around 2550-2800 cups most days and I can tell you that I never see Azlar or Morher tanks up in high diamond, but Onatel does appear with some frequency- not like Guin or Kunchen, but often enough to know she’s usable up there.

Now against my advice, a couple weeks ago my alliance decided to experiment with mass cup dropping before a war (it doesn’t work), and I got down to around 1900 cups.

Once the gang realized it wasn’t doing anything to our war score and I could start working my way back up, I did see a LOT of Azlar tanks in the 1900-2300 range, so if that’s where you are, he could probably work okay.

But Onatel is the clear choice among higher tier players and my anecdotal observations indicate it’s not a close call at all.


I would agree the Onatel supporters. She can actually b pretty frustrating when leveled up and if paired with another of the same color her link is strong too. I would go Onatel also because to me the second choice would b MN but I would not want to waste her resurrection by having her eliminated first.

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That’s some BEEFY Porridge!

Onatel: Def = 815, HP = 1437, Mana speed = AVG
Azlar: Def = 607, HP = 1322, Mana speed = slow

Onatel has much higher chances to fire, and her effect is undispellable. If Azlar fires, you have had time for load your specials as well and recover from his attack.

I didn’t even bring MN to the discussion, because as people have already said, using her in the center is an absolute waste

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Onatel’s hit is VERY weak though and her mana stew isn’t really effective until turn three…so she essentially becomes a slow to very slow mana hero. She’s NOT dispellable, but you can kill her by turn 3 anyways.
None of these are good diamond tanks. Took me 37 re-rolls to find her in diamond just now and she wasn’t even a tank (she was flank).

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Where does a Yunan measure up here in Tank class?

With those heroes, I would use Sartana as tank, flanked by Onatel and Joon. Colour synergy.

MoNo and Azlar on wings.
That’s a tough team to beat unless the board is helpful for the attacker.


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