Best Tank Kadilan or kunchen

Who should I use as my tank Kadilan in costume or Kunchen

You’re too vague… there’s not enough info to answer that question. If you want an answer, you should mention at least their talents level and the rest of your defense line.


I personally have a much harder time against Kunchen than C Kadilen. C. Kadilen can fire on me 3-4 times and I’m still ok. Kunchen provides more grief.

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Who are the rest of the heroes that would you combine with him/ her?

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We need to know the rest of your roster.

But if you don’t have any other 5* good purple hero then kunchen is your tank and cKadiken is one of its flank :wink:

Go to Kunchen. But if you have Kadilen’s costume, gun for the dwarf.

it all depends on what you have, what heroes you have. show what other heroes you have, so that I can advise you

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