Best tank colour depending on Alliance War buff?

Has there been any research done on whether certain colour heroes are better to use as the central tank depending on the buff used in Wars?
Should we use a different colour in the centre for a war with the aid buff compared to a war with boost buff?
Sorry if this has already been addressed, if so it is buried within another topic. A fairly comprehensive look hasn’t found it though I did find some very good information from 7dd and YoMomma. Thank you very much!


A VERY interesting question I don’t recall seeing discussed. Unfortunately, I have no help to offer on this front. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::confused:

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Good Luck finding some answers for your question. It’s an intriguing idea.

Thanks for sidenote @badassninjadad! It is good to be able to let another player know that you appreciate what they have done!

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I was thinking about it when I was writing the guide - and yes some specific tanks work better with specific buffs (it’s not the color, it’s about the tank itself). I would recommend more to look for the whole team.

We had ‘Attack Boost’ last war (10% attack bonus each activation). So people with a defensive team, a team made for making the fight long (two healers, attack debuff, defense buff, mana debuff) have better chances. So longer the fight continues so stronger they become. The buff is not limited and stacks with itself so the effective buff is 10%*x activation (20%, 30%, 40%…). Good tanks are (for example) Boldtusk, Boril, Ares, Guinevere

‘Field Aid’ is a simple healer. It heals less than the regular healers and it doesn’t give special effects to the defenders or attackers (Boldtusk, Kiril, Melendor, Sabina…) That means you need a bit more agressive team. A good tank for that are almost heroes who have health generation in any form, for example: Elkanen, Aeron, Ares, Guinevere

‘Arrow Barrage’ is the aggressive version. Direct damage, no immunity, no damage reducing. It works most effective with a defense with a high damage output. Good tanks are for example Azlar, Isarnia or Quintus

At least one more advice: There is a counter for each tank, for each team. The question is only how developed is the roster of your alliance compared with your opponent. And RNG of course :wink:


At the highest levels there are only 2 viable color tanks IMO regardless of the war aid- Yellow and Red. Yellow is the best and most versatile since Guin, Delilah, Justice, Rana, Vivica, and Drake are all very good tanks. Red works best with the healing aid since the only good healing tank is Ares, with GM and Azlar being the next best tanks.


Thank you for that information! I’m always a little confused over how to set the defensive team in specific war boosts. During the last 2 wars I’ve noticed they doubled opposite color right next to the tank:

  • 1st war: Green tank, 2 red flanks
  • 2nd war: Blue tank, 2 green flanks

Found it a little curious and very annoying to defeat, unfortunely I don’t have very good tanks to become as annoying in war :sweat_smile:

If you’re doing same color flanks (which I dont recommend) its better to set those up a bit different than your examples.

1: Green tank = Vulnerable to reds. So flank with blues that take resuced damage from reds. Insted of reds that take normal damage from reds.
2: Blue = Vulnerable to green. So flank with reds.
3: Red = Vulnerable to blues. So flank with greens.

Etc, you get the point :slight_smile:


Then you run into the opposite problem where they run strong colors against your double heroes and the tank takes normal damage. Best defense is a rainbow team unless you have guin and the 2 green dream team.


What’s the 2 green dream team? Which heroes are those?


I’ll go with zeline and alby.

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Probably this:


Yep but sartana/hel/panther are kind of interchangeable. Sometimes Aeron next to Guin.

@YoMamma what is this guide you have written. Im assuming a war defense guide, so ill ask more importantly, where can i find this please?

Sorry for my late reply, but fortunately you already found it.

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I think blue is a great choice for tank colour considering how good the defence and Hp stats are on many blue heroes coupled with the relative lack of hard hitting green heroes. Maybe I’m biased as my weakest colour is green but I also raid in the high diamond level and if I see a defence there that is on the lower end of the team powers that I see, chances are it has a blue tank. I’m not saying the best tank heroes are blue but that maybe peoples rosters lack green heroes that can deliver high damage to blue tanks especially over six rounds in a war.


Thank you all for the great info! My only question/comment is could some of you please remember to add heroes that are not 5*. Many of us come here looking for help that don’t have the fully leveled, or maybe any, 5*s. Thank you!


I would like do that but how?

Players lacking on 5* heroes usually don’t have a wide range of 4* either. Too often there is not THE answer because it depends on your roster and your ability to build a team from it. Many heroes play together and others don’t. That is the point where people need to check the named heroes and their qualities and then transfer this knowledge on your roster.

Probably that’s not as satisfying as you hoped for but unfortunately the best way for you.


Thanks. I see where it’s the type of tank rather then the color. I appreciate the quick answer! It’s seems that many of the best info here is slanted to the lucky folks with fully leveled 5*.
Thanks again!
And just FYI most of us in my alliance have minimum of 4 teams of fully leveled 4s the other heroes a mix of 4-5s not finished.

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