Best summons to spend gems on

Stepping back into this game after 2 years, I got 11k gems laying around and obviously the heroes I had back then that were good are now obsolete.

I heard ninjas are good, or should I use them or something worse

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There alot of good portals out there with good hero’s. If you get them is another story.
There a new event coming with new hero’s.

It really does depend on what you want, I know alot of people saving alantis coins and gems as miki is featured in the June portal. Also tarlak which ain’t a bad second.


Just pulled cobalt on a x10

I guess I have a hero to level while I get re familiarized with the game


New heroes are stronger, so obviously season 4 portal is best bet.

Imho S4 when its completed with all heroes and ninjas. S3 is pretty much valid aswell, when you dont have all the big guns already (Alfrike, Frigg, Odin and so on).

I would first try the Ninja portal, S4 portal, S3 portal and the costume chamber portal and then after that the event portal once SG have rolled out the costumes.
Good luck

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And I would say Atlantis portal, during AR at the end of June. We will have Miki, Tarlaki, Mitsuko and Zocc, so very valuable heros.

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Congrats getting Cobalt. He is one of the best ninjas out there. That hero will serve you well both on offense and defense.

I guess you have a ton to catch up to. Emblems. New heroes. New troops. Costumes. Various new events.

Most portals may be alluring to you since even old events portals have new heroes in it. Check the leader boards and you’ll notice a ton of new heroes that are currently prized nowadays being displayed on defense. As mentioned, Circus is right around the corner and it’ll be its premier in the live game. Read all the beta beat threads to keep you updated.

The first I am seeing (or reading a 2017 player who was gone for long but came back. Good luck to you, mate. May the RNG gods be with you.


28 pulls on ninja summon last time. result: None…

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Awww… that’s bad luck. I only summon using the tower coins. Through several month so far, it got me Ametrine, Sapphire 2x and Jade (ugh!!).

Wish you the best next time you pull from the ninja portal.


I just did 30 pulls in Ninja and got all feeders.
Only Ninja I got was Shale x 3
So decided today to go completely free to play lol.
No POV no VIP no nothing lol


I only spend gems on costume event. You get new outfits for older heroes and have a chance at a 5* with costume. I only spend money on a good gems with summon offer when it pops up.
Only about 5- 10bucks for a few draws, like land of the lost or guardians etc. Then you save gems for a 10x pull… :slight_smile:

I’m vcp2p… very casual pay to play.

Btw… lots of those older 5* with luck can be reborn through hero academy, so if you pay, try pay things you can’t get for free… best of luck…

Basically all the portals have really tiny chances at getting a good 5* hero out of it. You’d literally have to spend hundreds if not thousands to get a roster full of good 5*, or 2-3 years. Hate to break the bad news, but that’s reality.

Cobalt is great, so congrats on the good 10 pull. It’s a good start.

That can get you around 40-50 hero portal pulls. The chances of filling out a roster with good 5* heroes on just that is really tiny, if not non-existent. Again, sorry for the bad news! But Ninja portal or Costume Chamber probably are the best to try starting out.

It’s not zocc, it’s Noor. Raffaele comes before Noor, then zocc

Welcome to the FTP life, @JGE ! May it bring you more satisfaction with this game! (And sorry for the bad luck!)


Did a couple of summons from ninja portal
Got legendaries
Problem is, they are s1… obakan and isarnia…
Im at the point where i’d rather get 3* than s1 5*
At least i can feed the 3* away…


I’m at the point in the game where the S1 5* would be fed away too… This game is complete rubish

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My big one is costumes. Not just for the 5-stars, but the 3s and 4s for tournaments. Im still missing 2 of the 4s and many of the 5s. Some are not so great, but I would love to get Leo so I could retire Jackal for titans.

Next thing for me is whatever has strong yellow heroes. There are so few and spaced out if compared to the abundance of purple out there.


Did a 30x summon on Valhalla got nothing


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