Best solution: improving the game in a better way


I’m reading the forums every day and I see lots of complaints about the game (war, chest, challenge events, hero summon… Etc)

First of all the game needs a really big change inside itself! There is a lot Ppl payın a lot to the game, there is a lot player which the new starters or even the 5-6 month players can’t fight with (the very high level players with nearly every 5* heros fully ascended) and there are lots of new players (newbies) trying to enjoy the game while improving them selfs (not other way round)

At the challenge event there must be limit. For example players who has less then 1800 trophy s (diamond league) shouldd not be able even play the legendary level on the challenge event.

The same goes for epic (1200 trophy)…

There should be a place where you can craft also Ascend Materials!!! Maybe the cost need it to be high but still there should be a place like this.

I have alberich and is now nearly 3/60. What will I do when I have him at 3/80? I have only 2 tonic (which I need 6) and I use my shields to level him to tier 3 and now I need again another 4! This is ridiculous!!! Even in the shop you can not buy such things (which I really don’t think that should be sold for money when the game is build also for f2p! Other wise you could mention on the register that the ascend materials are given very rarely and if you wanna improve your heros then you need to pay to level up (which again I said there is no such thing)

SG is making a game which the motto is good and Ppl enjoy the first couple of months and after they realize that there is no continue on the game for your self and you need to stay on your same position for. Months to even ascend a hero fully.

Sometimes I think it’s useless to have a 5* hero which you are not able to ascend him in a short while. It will take MONTHS!!! Therefor there need to be a crafting place. Like Tc20. You can train also 5* hero (even if the odds are small) but you can. Why not making a place where you can craft ascend materials also with probability of small odds?

I don’t know if this is good or bad but; I beat yesterday with 2300 team power in war a team with 3200… I am happy with that but I can understand also the frustration of the Ppl who have this team and work so hard to build them there. What is the point then to level up and get strong if somebody with onlyn3* can beat a team with fully ascended 4* hero team?

Everybody talks about randomness: I think this is another situation that needed to be sorted too. I made 4 summons last week from the epic and legendary place. I’ve got 2 gunnar and 2 dawa. So. Please tell me what is the odds of getting 2 same person twice when there is so many heroes on the summon??? Silly isn’t it?!

The shop is way too expensive! Sometimes before the challenge events or Atlantis approaches you are making deals. At least SG could do this one more often and give more stocks to buy. Not everybody can spend hundreds of dollars/euros. Then it could be more chance also for the for everyone…

The improving of titan chest, war chest definitely needs improvement! I don’t see the point after beating 5 titans or winning 5 wars and getting more stupid loot which you get every day from province 8 any level!

Sometimes a rare titan comes out and you have chance to win an AM. Who gets that?? We have been beeting couple of titans like this and NOBODY ON THE TOP 10 get this Ascend material!!! I know its ‘RANDOM’. Every time if there is no meaningful answer then it will be always RANDOM the answer.

I hope there is things to consider for the devs of SG and we can have them soon on the new updates…

Enjoy the game for now and peace.


sounds like you are trying to run too fast , the heros are about leveling up over time ,
Took me a year to get the tonics for horgull to be levelled fully , in mean time i leveled others up , worked on 30 heros to compete in AW and moaned like hell about the AW imbalance on poor matches … that now looks like there has been a fix that works …

anyone that feels the game is flawed because it takes time to build their set up is in the wrong game , there is no instant fix to leveling 5* hero’s other than grinding it out & doing the events that reward with the top stuff. To do the top level of events u have to grow …

My biggest gripe .
i play 2 teams both now 3400 is in power ,
I have on one only just got 5 x 5* rainbow team & regularly do the monthly gem / double build so have had a year doing summonses on 2 accounts and still after a year NEVER had a hero of the month
its galling to see someone post to the forum that they got 8 gravemagers or 5 ageir’s when i have yet to see one !
yes many say the odds on a draw stink but a full year 2 accounts & not a sniff ! ho hum
back to grinding it out


Actually this is the point. You needed 1 year for horgull. What if you had more then 2 green heroes? OK I get the point that the game will build slow but there should be also ways to make it ‘little’ easier.

You have 1 5* and need for that 6 tonics. So if you can get 5* heroes even hard how it will be if you get the AM even harder? If you would have Hotm how you will be able to ascend it? On the way if you get another 5 * from the same color???

Look atvthe leader boards please at the challenge event.


I have nothing against the player on the leader board! Just it looks like ‘impossible’ to be even close there in couple. Of years…


I get into the top 100 on a regular basis, though I don’t stay there for too long. It took me over a year to get that far. There’s a reason why this game has picked up the nickname ‘Empires & Patience’.
Build your basic 3*, and 4* if you get lucky early on, into a working team. Use that to complete rare quests and fight titans for the materials to ascend the better heroes when you get them. Open chests as often as you can and don’t forget the mystic vision. Build your stronghold and build your training camps up to first TC13 then TC20 for free 4* and 5* heroes. Don’t forget your forges, for battle items to make the titans and quests/events easier.
Also don’t forget that a lot of content is designed to keep the long-term players interested, and be something for newer players to work towards. Don’t expect to be able to do everything right away. It took me months to be able to complete the monthly events when they first came out, despite already having been playing for a while when they began.


Empires and Patience. Lol. I like that.
Ive been playing for about 8 months. Sometimes more devoted, some not playing so much.

Im all for finding materials easier as i have 5* waiting. Id be cool with some type of crafting ascension materials.

I disagree with your input on the challenge events. I went in the harder ones to see what i could do then vs what i can do now. I dont have a good 3* team, but i took the 2 leveled 3* in to see what they got.

I dont really see much purpose of the 100 monsters chest. Only ‘good’ thing it ever gives is a summon token. I dont mind i guess. Ive been saving them for when i get the last Tonic i need. I think the odds need to be increased for that, as well as the elemental chest frequency. Ive had 3 the whole time ive been playing.

Agree on the randomness of the HOTM. Never seen one myself, saw my buddy right next to me get 4 in a x10 pull.

Idk. Maybe in time there will be a way. In the mean time, 2 tc20 are going non stop, and 2 tc11 are brewing for when ever i get materials to ascend.


I mean actually I like the game and that’s why I make comment/suggestions for the game. The balance is somehow very strange on the game (5* heroes, Am materials finding, chests… Etc)

There was a suggestions about trade market or using the items which you don’t need for more useful materials/items. Crafting AM should be in there also. OK every month everyone has chance on the special challenges (like morlova, farholme… Etc) but that’s still too short. Would be great if you could craft tonic or rings let’s say 1 item per 1 week. It’s again something. Because you need 6 of them to ascend a hero. I play since 3 months everyday and never passed a monster chest, raid or titans and farming all the flags I have. I’ve got till now only 1 tonic and 1 ring. If I would pull couple of 5* heroes they would be not that much useful since you can not ascend them.

Also why not have a place to train troops? All you cN do is getting troops in the loot, and summon. Why not having a training camp where you can train 2-3-4* troops like tc20?

All I’m saying is these are things to improve the game and make it more realistic to become the stuff you need for everyone. (a specially for f2p) As I said before: not everyone can pay hundreds of dollars/euros every month.