Best snipers in the game?

I don’t really think of splash as “hit one” myself. The splash damage is often not insignificant. Semantics I suppose.

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Best sniper is Tudan obviously.

I mean just look at his face, he means serious business


No +20?

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I asked Tudan and he said to me: “No it’s OK I can handle it.”


But his special is Backstab so he’s obviously sniping the wrong team.


The Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary agrees with that definition, for what it is worth:

I always thought of the specials like this:

Hit 1: Sniper Rifle – hits the target, sometimes devastatingly.
Splash: Hand Grenade – hits the target with collateral damage to those nearby
Hit 3: Machine Gun – hits target and those nearby equally
AoE: Tank – hit 'em all

Then there are the oddballs

Jabberwock: clashing cymbals
Finley: magic bullet


I honestly like Kingston. 445% damage to the target though Marjana, Sartana, and Lianna do more. Kingston does slightly more damage than Magni.

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He does have the added side effects that help out the team.

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For me: Sniper-Hits one target, has at least “Fast” mana generation.

Average or slow mana generating heroes are not snipers to me. I want it fast and hard (giggity).

Kageburado (over 50% health)
Kageburado (under 50% health)
(Probably any other sniper I missed)
Master Lepus

That’s my list, in order. Please feel free to tell me I’m stupid and let me know if I missed any snipers.


I dont think you are stupid at all.

I define sniper as a single-target only hero where the initial hit done by the special does most of the damage.

Can be average mana too like Arthur

I don’t consider Thorne to be a sniper as he hits three - that’s splash damage.

I don’t think sniper carries with it a connotation of being fast but good snipers are generally fast…

Your list looks pretty good but Marjana’s attack stat is pretty low so tends to be ranked lower. It depends what you are after though as her durability is pretty high.


Are there any slow mana hit one heroes?

Not that I can recall hmm

Closest I can find is Gadeirus who’s slow splash hit but also heals. Rest that hit slow are AoE and/or DOT that I can see.


Marjana and Alasie were kind of hard for me to put there… I kind of could have put Kageburado, Marjana, and Alasie in any of those three positions and, admittedly, because I have emblems on Marjana; I may have put her higher on my list of the three.

There are in puzzle Combat, so it’s not impossible that they could design one for e&p one day.


A “normal” +20 Lianna, with costume bonus and emblemed all for attack can reach 891 attack stat.

891 * 512% = 4562 ~ damage

For reference, a +20 Kingston all for attack deal about 3796 (853 * 445%)

766 points difference. Of course numbers totally change when we consider defences, but it already give you an idea how much she is powerful.

And we have to consider she is a ranger, so her damage can pierce through everything.

I guess she is again the most powerful sniper, stealing the crown again to Jabber.

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Kage definitely hit the hardest and the debuff first then strike is a huge advantage over the ripostes.
The main issue was he just can’t finished off a 5xxhp opponents which is an easy kill for the classic vanilla snipers and hotM like Alasie.
I still want Kage though.
Btw, although not a sniper, a +15 emblem Master Lepus deserved a special mention too!


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That would be either Kingston or Alasie?

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