Best snipers in the game?

Considering raw damage alone :

1. Lianna,
512% *729 = 3,732.48 

2. Joon,
468%*741 = 3,467.88 

3. Alasie,
462%*739 = 3,414.18 
462%*739*1.05 = 3,584.889 

4. Magni,
420%*793 = 3,330.6

5. Sartana,
458%*694 = 3,178.52 

6. Marjana,
458%*669 = 3,064.02 

Alasie before elemental link is 3rd place, after elemental link(her link last 6 turns, so it is likely for her consecutive shots will be fired while the link is active) has bump her to second place.


King Arthur is the best once he self-improve his sniperability, even with his average special’s speed


nice i was,just going by face value hoping someone else would do the math since i didnt have time when i posted. valid points and thanks

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@koko That’s really interesting. Thanks for that. Would you be able to show us further how defence stats would affect the damage? Use Richard at full ascension and 817 DEF as an example. I’ve always been interested in damage calculation. Ignore troops for the example.

You can refer to this thread on how to calculate damage :



Hmmm… master lepus skill point no 2 something wrong -20% defense for him self

The ultimate kamikaze sniper. Like him but couldn’t get him during Easter. :laughing:

I vote for Drake. Triple hit with equal damage. Makes him highest total damage. :joy:

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Alasie and Sartana are awesome together. My prime attack team is those two girls along with Wu Kong and Vivica. BT comes along for the ride.

Alasie like to warm them up and Sartana finishes them with one shot.

Don’t forget Gregorion… 729 DMG, 455%

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Mana not fast enough :joy::joy::joy:

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I searched out Lianna vs Marjana and found this. I have Marjana at 3/70 with all the materials. I have 4 TC20s going and did not know if I should wait for something better, including future event/hotms. My concern is there are other snipers and I could ascend someone else. Everyone seems to love Marjana, but Lianna seems like a better sniper (don’t have), so maybe a red with a different skill set would be better?

You’ll never regret ascending Marjana.

If you have other heroes that make her someone you won’t use in your defense or raid teams, then it might be worth waiting. If you’re trying to plan for who you might draw in the future, I would say “don’t do that.”

Who are your other current heroes?



I have no other red 5*. My team is essentially Drake, Jackle, Sabina, Caedmon, Grimm and Wilbur or Marjana. I guess Marjana at 3/70 has left me unimpressed. I like Caedmon as a sniper for the Dispell.

I’m not sure what I want, but have ascention materials for yellow, red, blue and most of green and purple. So, I am looking at what I want for a five star team. Its so much easier picking a 4* team, because so much is written about the staple heros like boldtusk, caedmon and grimm. I find that people like Marjana, Joon, Lianna and Magni, but those are all snipers. All the 5* heros otherwise are Hotms like Hel, Gravemaker and Alberich. So, I don’t want to pick Marjana if there is a ton of better snipers, because someone with reflect would eat my team alive in a/w and raids, if all I have is snipers.

I have Horghall and Obakan and the only thing I can say is that Obakan is horrible and I will never do anything with him.


I’m surprised, but okay. Most of these hitters do their best work at 4/80. I can tell you that I fear letting Marj go off, especially if I don’t have a cleanser (Rigard, Zim) along for the raid.

Marj is in the A tier. I think it’s more accurate to say that there are a ton of worse heroes. Yes, she does some of her damage as a DOT, but don’t worry, she still hits like a truck on her initial hit. Also, plenty of successful teams run multiple snipers.
Two other things:

  1. Work with what you have. Getting a specific hero in this game can take months or more (… much more). Don’t hamstring yourself by not ascending a great hero you already have in favor of ones you MIGHT get one day.
  2. Turn that thought on its head: If you’ve got Marjana built, then that gives you flexibility in the other colors. You could, for example, build an Isarina instead of that Magni. Team composition matters, but there’s a lot of ways to build a team.


I just know it can take equally as long to get 6 rings, as it does a 5* hero. I’m totally fine with leveling her up, its just I already have Drake for yellow, and would probably take Magni or Alasie in a heartbeat along with healer, and somesort of mana control, buff, or debuff. I guess what I am saying is I don’t care leveling her or not, because the team I have is good. Its just getting rings is a pain and I can wait. I don’t like red snipers, because they always use DOT, which a snipe should be a one shot kill. I seen another thread on “why is Kelile a bad hero if Marjana is good” and have seen comments from some that gravemakers is overrated because of the Dot, which I somewhat agree.


Take Marjana. She is also very tough for a sniper. One of the best snipers in the game. You will not regret it.


Kage may win the place of best sniper now

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sumitomo is my fav power red sniper i have two and i use them on 1 and 5 spot they not only sniper attack but they have a second abillty for counter spell this is super deadly combined also great stats fully levled for pvp or titans and only a 4 star not to heavy on feeders :smiley: i do love the red sniper atlistis pulls sumitomo


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