Best Slayers stage for farming coins or XP

What’s the best stage for farming eventcoins or XP on Slayers of Fell Shadows?

Rare 10 for XP and rare 2 for coins.

Rare 1 would be better for coins since the boss wave has 2 monsters at the side of a boss as opposed to just two bosses. 8 total monsters v 6 available.


Good call. Stupid me, I farmed rare 2 all weekend. :rofl:

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Rare 4 had more more XP per flag than Rare 2 did just FYI…

Didn’t do a more in-depth analysis than that but for the 10 level events I think that’s the way it will be.


So am I :crazy_face:

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Me too, I do not like to go Rare 1 because of the tutorial popup on each play.

Great nice info, next time I would go to Rare 4, Rare 10 is just too hard for autoplay.


Thanks for response. It will be helpful for the next time.

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