Best Season 1, 5 Star Heroes

With the new Ninjas waiting in the Wings, and the recent introduction of some pretty powerful heroes, can season 1 legendary heroes still compete?

I created my top 5 list here.

Is there any one hero that you think a new player should consider themselves lucky to pull?

Only one rule: No Costumes


I really enjoyed your post! For me, my top 5 season one heroes (without costumes) are:

  1. Lianna
  2. Joon
  3. Magni
  4. Kadilen
  5. Richard

I’m ranking based on my experience as f2p so access to other heroes is more limited.
1 vivica: one of two holy healers I have and one of three five star healers. She’s outclassed by many others but I can always use more healers
2: Isarnia: I often vote for her when people present their rosters as she often can provide a better defense down option
3+ joon, Lianna, magni, sartana, marjana: fast snipers are great early in the game. Luckily my first two season one five stars were marjana and sartana and they were huge improvements in my line up


I’ve had Isarnia sitting on 3/70 for a lifetime but no mats. She’s always, “next in line”.

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1&2 = m.J.

Marjana and Joon — they gain from the class as much as their skills

Other 3 is the normal Liana, Magni, etc,


I got some of them very late, so never got attached to them — Vivica after using Gullinbursti feels like a step down, even if she does have a cleanse. Magni, Isarnia, and Richard I got way too late. They’re still there “somewhere on the list”, but finishing Milena and Bobo first… I suppose if I got a costume, I might alter my plans.

The ones I am constantly using are Marjana, Joon and Lianna. Sartana is good, but got displaced by Kage and Panther for me.

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