Best red tank in game?

I just drew qoh. Is she the best to use? I’m now using GM as tank and I have not got Ares.

I like to hear your choice of best red tank and why.


Santa & GM. Ares is far more easy to deal with and does not punish you like those two. QoH, although having quite tanky stats, will be far more useful to you on ofence than tanking…

Gravey, Ares, Santa, Azlar in that order imo.

Boldie and Wilbur should also be mentioned here, since they’ll do the job, if you weren’t pleased by legendary reds.

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My order on best red 5* tanks would be the following:

  1. GM
  2. Santa
  3. Mitsuko
  4. Ares
  5. QoH
  1. Gravemaker
  2. Santa Claus
  3. Ares
  4. Mitsuko
  5. Anzogh
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Boldie and Wilbur must not be forgotten since the new tournament where you may not use 5 stars…

4 stars in my opinion 1 BT, 2 Wilbur

QoH is a subpar tank, her minion is easily killed in this position and as 90% of the tanks are killed by tiles alone she would be an average speed, beefier Thoth-Amun.

The best red tanks are Gravemaker, Santa Claus, Ares, Mitsuko and Anzogh.

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