Best red 5* to ascend 2nd

Hi guys since 4* mats are very scarce I wanted to hear the opinion of the hive mind ^^

I got Gravemaker and Guin on 80 Magni and Sartana on their way to 80 and have enough mats to level another red 5* to 80 but I can’t decide which one I should feed all the tasty lowlevel heroes too :sweat_smile:

I got all standard red 5* (Azlar, Elena, Khagen, Marjana) which should I ascend next and why do you think this one? Or should I wait and see if I can get the next red Hotm?

Thanks in advance for all your feedback.

Have a nice day!

You got a pretty decend with GM but my vote would be azlar or Elena cause of the tile damage

or wait if you are unsure

Marjana. Fast mana, strong single-target attack. Azlar would be a solid tank i you didn’t have Guin. Elena and Khagen are not really good heroes; slow mana for sub-par specials.

That being said, I’d at least fully ascend Magni and Sartana before worrying about your next red. Atlantis and Halloween events are approaching, so there might be something better in them.


I am always leveling one hero of every colour at the same time, so it is time to worry about my next red now :sweat_smile:

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Azlar - Use he for war guild.
He cast skill = win.

I agree with Giles for the reasons given. Marj first, but if not marj, then azlar.

Other option is to wait for November. Possibly a red HOTM.

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Marjana first, then Azlar. Khagan/Elena on the backburner as they’re meh heroes.

Among the heroes you have, Marjana. Fast mana, sniper damage, continued damage, and above-average health. Aruna’s attack is fulminant and multiple, but his slow mana sometimes does not allow him to activate the special before being shot. It would be a second option. However, if you are not in a hurry, wait a little longer, you will be cast an interesting fire hero in Atlantes and HOTM of November will also be of fire. Worth checking before making a decision. Sorry for any sentence error, English is not my first language.

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Assuming the next HoTM is the red fast hitter with dispel ailments - it may be worth it to wait.

Khagan is crap. Elena is crap too since zeline. Marjana and azlar are very good heroes but, hotms and season2 upcoming heroes maybe better. I would wait.

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I’d wait if it were me. The rings aren’t going to rot away and I don’t look at your team and say ooh <regular red 5*> would really bring this together. I maxed Azlar when I didn’t have a max 5* red and I’m happy with him but he’s on my defense team and green titan team and that’s it (Even with a high mana troop, slow is slow). Marjana’s attack is too low for my liking as a 2nd 5* of a color and you’ve got 2 snipers already.

wait. the next red hotm looks pretty solid and she’s fast mana as well as of right now anyways. you would only be waitin a little over a week to try and get her

Exactly my thinking but I won’t spend any more money on this game and I save my last Dias for Atlantis pull whit athena. That’s the whole reason why I can’t decide :sweat_smile:

Another vote for Marjana. I also I have Gravemaker at 80 I need a red sniper to pair with him and Marjana is the one I am after.

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