Best recruits/WE ratio?

Not sure if this topic should be linked with another (probably) but can’t seem to find anything recent enough. So here we go:

… Where on Earth did the recruits go? 8-7 got completely nerfed and isn’t pumping very much loot out, but is it still the best for farming??? I’ve been sticking to it for a while thinking it was just a bad spell, but my recruits are rapidly disappearing and I can’t seem to find enough to keep this going for much longer (tc11 down to 500 heroes in queue).
Any news on what to farm for best ratio of recruits per world energy?

Try s1 6-8 gives about 8-10 recruits or s2 15-8 hard 30-35 with a decent loot

8-7 also give 8-10 recruits with better loot than 6-8.


Can anyone confirm it’s nerfed?

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No nerf that I am aware of

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I farm S2-15-8-Hard for recruits, quite happy about recruits/WE ratio (which is only slightly less than 8-7) and other loot falling there.

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