Best QOL update ever! Claim All Button

Agreed! I was elated when I saw it! So much simpler.

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Could you post a screenshot please?
I’m curious but don’t want to collect my hoard of heroes at the moment.

Just eliminates the need to hit “ok” for each hero you collect.

Still only collects to the limit of your roster but just means that you don’t tap as many times.

The old “ok” button is still there if you want to view each one as it comes out tho.



Hooray. Now I don’t have to knacker out my finger. That deserves cake. :cake:

Im on IOS and i dont have that option even tho i made the update earlier today

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However this is just stupid… that should be allowed for every one.


Loooool thats why i dont have the button, this is incredible:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) whats the point of having a tc20 :))))))))))))

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TC20 allows you to train 5* heroes. The odds are significantly better than the summons gate


I guess if you buy all your 5* you don’t need TC20 :man_shrugging:


I’ve got 3 TC20s (only one running currently), I’m on Android, I’m in the UK and I’m still having to click ok each time like some kinda chump


Yes i know but i was refering why tf u should have tc20 to get that button, i just wanna know whyyyyyyyyy??!!?!!?

Yes:)) i misspeled see my last post, ofc its important tc 20 i have 1 day left till 1 tc 20

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I don’t know why they decided to only make it available at TC20. That does seem silly


So no TC 20, no claim all…that’s weird…

I agree it’s silly. TC20 is the one I am least likely to be pulling lots of feeders out of.

I think what was meant is that once you have a tc leveled to 20 the button is visible in any tc at any level.


My TC19 (that is able to produce TC20 heroes) does not have the collect all option, yet, anyway

Yes I get that but why do you have to wait for TC20 is the question. You’re generally drawing feeders to level up heroes as soon as you get any TC going, and definitely by TC11.

Do you have a customized TC19? Mine only pulls 1*.

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No, unsure if this is sarcasm as it’s online text but if it isn’t…

What I mean is that particular training camp is fully leveled up to level 20.

Currently it is producing heroes from level 19.

It does not have the option to collect all, just the ‘ok’ option